Regarding an EXCELLENT article about the death penalty and an associated crime, the author wrote, “Murder is not a private offense between family members. Murder is a crime against all of society.” Read the rest of the article here; love her work.

When I saw the quoted text, I saw the blood of millions…MILLIONS that are murdered and forgotten; MILLIONS that were a part of families and had futures. MILLIONS that family members allowed and even celebrated their eventual death. It happens every day. Legally.

Murder is tragic. Murder is evil.


Murder is LEGAL.

Is this a victim-driven justice system? A resounding YES. But the victim in this case that I speak of is not the ‘victim’….the murderer is the ‘victim’, the murdered is not.

Let me explain.

In most murder cases, the victim cries out for his/her very life….in an instant the victim remembers family, friends, and children. Most times they see the face of their murderer. And then death. Can anyone truly put themselves in the place of the victim for just one second and feel what they feel? Is there any way to know the feeling that your life is about to be over at the hand of another person? It is hard to imagine it, although people murder other people every day for a variety of reasons. Some get caught, some don’t.

And sometimes murder is legal and even expected.

Abortion KILLS unborn children every day. EVERY DAY. The ‘victimized’ mothers kill their unborn every day with little notice from the news, churches, or society at large. We have so little use for LIFE that we kill it off when it might get uncomfortable, expensive or intrusive. Serial killers that call themselves ‘doctors’ make quite a nice living from murdering at least 4000 unborn people every day.

When a person is gunned down in a bad part of town, they at least have the luxury of knowing how, why and when they will die at the hands of another. Unborn children die every day never knowing why, who or when they will die at the hands of their own mother and abortion ‘doctor’. LEGALLY.

Abortion is a crime against all of society. Abortion is a victim-driven type of justice system. Abortion is legal murder in every state in the United States of America.

Abortion IS a private offense between family members. Abortion quietly kills MILLIONS. EVERY DAY. LEGALLY.

Until abortion is no longer law, all we can do as a prolife society is hope we can change the law and the heart of the pre-abortive mom – give her the option  of LIFE, give her HOPE, give her the GOSPEL – because with GOD, all things are possible….not probable, POSSIBLE.

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” (Isaiah 52:7)

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