The Prolife Movement has spawned many ministries and societies, both with viable results. The Personhood Movement has brought about the Abolition Movement of abortion law. But what we have here is misinformation of what abolition actually did in the past to a people enslaved by the American law and landholders; what we forget is how many YEARS it took to bring about Abolition, well over 100 years, to free a people that should have had the exact same rights and privileges as everyone else in the first place. So, bringing about the abolition of abortion may have a way to go and even then the symbolic ‘abolition’ of abortion will become a state matter, because of the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. Now that’s a tangled web.

Constitutional law has become a twisted and gnarled joke. Not even the president [notice low cap] appreciates or follows constitutional law even though he has sworn to uphold it. Then if he does not, the American people will not…and they have not. But that should not lessen the fight to do what our forefathers fought for. We are a people of symbolism, not real change. Americans like to be the exception but that has not proven to be true. We are still in a downward spiral to socialism, LIFE being the chief issue of our day. LIFE defines us and should motivate us, but it does not.

What can we really do to change abortion law? What trends have been noticeable? Is there a way out of ‘settled law’?

Consider Abolition. There has been slavery since ancient times. But in America, there were slaves since we were a country. The first Abolition Society in America was in 1775; some northern states used their Supreme Court processes to make slavery illegal but slavery was still ‘legal’ because citizens were allowed to own ‘property’, thus slaves were considered property, not equal. Congress passed an ordinance outlawing NEW slavery, therefore circumventing the law to keep slaves born to slaves in the USA.

Understand the timeline: The first Abolition Society was in 1775, Abolition of the slaves was a result of the Civil War in 1865; but it took a civil rights movement [1955-68] to bring full constitutional rights to the people over 100 years after the Civil War. The Civil Rights Movement took ‘separate but equal’ to EQUAL.

Prohibition did not work either – the 18th Amendment was repealed; can the 14th Amendment [adopted in 1868 BECAUSE of ABOLITION] that holds Roe v. Wade be repealed? NO….because while the 18th Amendment was designed specifically for prohibition, the 14th Amendment was already alive and well as part of Reconstruction after the Civil War; repealing the 14th Amendment is essentially impossible because it IRONICALLY reversed the Dred Scott case and gave citizenship AFTER ABOLITION. What the Supreme Court did to legalize abortion and KEEP it legal was attach it to an Amendment that cannot be repealed, only ratified or modified to suit a Republican or Democrat driven Supreme Court. The 14th Amendment gives citizenship, but not to unborn persons. Unborn persons are ‘separate but equal’ to be segregated for lawful termination.

Since Obama has been president, we have seen that Constitutional law will be twisted and gnarled to appease a dictator that wishes world domination, not world peace. We are constitutionally being erased through an amendment(s) that was supposed to protect all Americans. The deck has already been stacked against making the unborn legal citizens with free rights that our forefathers fought and died for. What we have to do now is seek more avenues to curtail and prevent as many unborn deaths as possible.

If abortion was made illegal today, abortion would still be performed illegally, we know that. Should it still be illegal? YES. Just like every other murder is illegal but still performed. So, what are we supposed to do about abortion in the meantime? Easy enough, we have to make abortion a civil rights issue with associated laws to prevent more abortion.

Working the system WORKED, bringing civil rights to all individuals WORKED. Giving civil rights to unborn persons will work better than abolition simply because constitutional law has to be unraveled bit by bit by people that don’t want to give it up for a myriad of reasons, mainly money and power. This is why we – ministers, preachers, civil leaders, politicians, laypeople – need to change the hearts of sinful men and women to deter them from wanting to do what is sinful AND IT HAS TO START IN THE CHURCHES AND GO TO THE STATEHOUSE. However, it is up to our elected leaders to consider giving civil rights to their unborn-will-someday-vote citizens.

DON’T BE DISCOURAGED: Even though abortion cannot be eradicated completely, it can be made illegal, just like stealing, smuggling, gambling, and murder. Nothing can be eradicated completely; ask any lawmaker. If illegal deeds were never done anymore ever, there would be no need of police or the evening news.

BE ENCOURAGED! Be a civil rights leader for the unborn; seek their ultimate God-given RIGHT TO LIFE.

PRAY and contemplate, be aware and get involved. Our unborn citizens NEED YOU! No one should have to die because of bad law and bad decisions. Tell our ‘leaders’ to give civil rights to our unborn, not undetermined death by abortion.

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