That is about what Roe breaks down to…conforming to and celebrating a long past sexual revolution and taking NO prisoners – an oppressive obsession of legal abortion. While abortion is actually less available, that doesn’t mean it is UNavailable. The media and its soldiers are doing their best to keep it available and cheap.

Abortion is legal to sexually empower women as men and to keep the poor from reproducing.

After 40 years, abortion is still legal and accepted in general society. Yes, we’ve passed prolife legislation, but there were tons more that did not make it that should have. Obamacare made abortion a staple in the diet of the American. I’m still wondering how we allow men and women to fight and die in foreign lands for a Constitution that our ‘president’ easily ignores and privately thumbs his nose at.

Considering everything that has gone on this past post-abortive year, I find that writing this is laborious and redundant….then I repented. However, we still have other problems: Prolifers battle each other instead of focusing on the cause while the Church in general is wishy-washy and hardly shows up. And don’t get me started about Facebook. Seriously. I’m so tired of the laptop warriors.

The abortion battle continues on and on while the war waits it out: “Roe v. Wade is considered now to be the law of the land,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood. “I really do believe that this country is not going to go backwards.” I have to wonder if Cecile would still be a stalwart pro-abort if her big yearly salary of over 400K was taken away. See the tax return HERE.

Is it irony that the Prolife Movement has effectively shut down more abortion facilities while we have the most pro-abortion president in the history of this nation? Not at all…it’s hard work and PRAYER that gets things done, not pimping the country for votes to keep abortion legal for a runaway community of women that does not believe in marriage or motherhood.

Embattlement and entitlement is what keeps abortion alive. Is America prolife, like some studies suggest? Not at all. If that were true, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

It gets worse: This is perhaps the most despicable act of human terrorism that I have ever encountered since the passing of Roe: A movie that commends praises and encourages LATE-TERM ABORTION to inspire others to accept the ‘practice’…

A recent film in the Sundance Film Festival is essentially congratulating the heinous act of late-term abortion, babies killed just before birth for any reason, and making it an art form for film goers. The “After Tiller” independent film is so-called ‘art’ that imitates life…the life of late-term abortioners that kill unborn nearly term infants for monetary gain and they seem so perplexed by the general opinion that they are legal murderers. It was mentioned that film goers had to pass through metal detectors. Exactly how many red flags do you need? Read more about this HERE.

Keep in mind that YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE PAYING FOR WARREN HERN’S 24 HOUR FEDERAL MARSHALL SECURITY FOR HIS PROTECTION. Applauding these late term abortioners is akin to having a federal holiday for Hitler and Mussolini. The only light at the end of the late-term abortion tunnel is that these late-term baby killing abortioners [LeRoy Carhart, Warren Hern, Susan Robinson, Shelley Sella] are getting OLDER and no one really wants to fill that void. These certain abortioners say they only go to the 28th week, which is horrific enough, but they will and have gone to term. Tiller patted himself on the back for being responsible for at least 60,000 abortions…..and this is so-called ‘reproductive justice’?

There is so much to do in the face of this evil. Precious unborn children are aborted at least once every 24 seconds in the United States. We have an epidemic of ‘internet medical abortions’ that cannot be governed or counted. In America, the only sacred life is the one filling the shoes YOU wear.

The pro-aborts are on to us, they know we mean to shut them down with any tactic available. And using the law that gave them a voice to shut them down….PRICELESS.


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