There is much that I have re-learned while watching the March for Life online [did not make it to DC L]. It was kind of like going to a GOOD church every week….I go to church to get edified to bring the Good Word and learn that there is much work to do until the Lord comes back. Yes, WORK. Being enlightened does not give anyone a free pass to observe. Yes, WORK. Prolifers work HARD to show justice to the unborn and give an account of what we do and are. As simple as being prolife is, it is made complicated by ‘others’.

Let’s start with the TRUTH. What is truth…the TRUTH is that the sky is blue. That is neither my view nor my opinion, just plain TRUTH. I am not trying to force an objective BELIEF on you or trying to show a TOLERANT interpretation of my statement. But the sky IS blue. TRUTH. Here are some of the TRUTHS that are worth re-mentioning from the March for Life:

1.  The unborn are underserved and under protected. During the last election, we were inundated with liberal infused agenda regarding the 47% that depends on government funds to eat, sleep, get iPhones, get healthcare, on and on and on. We, the 53%, pays for what others abuse as ‘needs’ and ironically we cannot pay for our own needs and are not destitute enough to soak up some of those nifty entitlements to compensate having paid for someone else’s. Somehow, their entitlements are far more important than saving lives of even their own unborn children. Our unborn are the underserved and they are under protected, but entitlements to the ‘47%’ overprotects and over serves them to dispose of their pregnancies. It is a fact that it is much more costly to save an unborn child than it is to abort them.

2. We are created equal, not born equal. God created each one of us before the world began (Jer 1:5). God created us in His image (Gen 1:27). God numbered every hair on your head (Mat 10:30). IN OTHER WORDS, no one is an accident, no one is a mistake; not one person is NOT known by God regardless of anything (go to first statement of TRUTH). HOWEVER, because of SIN, we are not born equal or at all. We were already morally compromised, shown prejudice, our fate decided within weeks of conception. Because of selfishness and bias, we have been made into a ‘thing’ and an ‘issue’ instead of the human that God made us to be. Are we equal? To God we are, but not to society or the government.

3. There are over 1 MILLION FROZEN EMBRYOS in the United States right now. Yes, that’s right…frozen unborn children awaiting their fate at this very moment. Many embryos don’t survive getting frozen, thawed and some won’t implant…IN OTHER WORDS many unborn children die because people try to jump start God and fertility. You have to wonder how many more unborn children we can add to the 4000+ per day aborted.

4. One-sixth of the population of the United States have been aborted these last 40 years that we know of. ONE-SIXTH OF THE POPULATION.

5. Sexual integrity instead of contraception and abortion is key. How many more times…how many other ways can it be explained that if a person stops and thinks instead of unzipping there would not be a need for contraception and abortion with young people and young adults? I mean, this ain’t rocket science…if you don’t have sex the likelihood of getting pregnant is ZERO….every time. Sexual irresponsibility leads to sexual sin….every time. SAVE SEX FOR MARRIAGE.

6. Women don’t need an excuse, they need the GOSPEL. For as simple as social and sexual integrity should be, if it is not taught it won’t be practiced. Then the question is who should teach this? Parents and Church. First, obviously parents need to be PARENTS to their children. But bit by bit the government is giving more rights to children (not the unborn ones) to emancipate themselves from parents and family to allow them to eat up as much Liberal Indoctrination as humanly possible. MAKE NO MISTAKE – the government is engineering soldiers out of your kids, starting in the public school…your minor daughter can get an abortion on school time with school approval without your consent; in fact she can cross state lines to do so. SECOND, if God and Church are not in your lives, you stand to lose your kids to the way of the world way faster than those that attend church, read their Bible and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Better kids make better adults that make better choices.

7. Justice. Recently in Boulder, CO., an elk named ‘Big Boy’ (named by the SUBDIVISION that it frequented) was shot and killed by two police officers. Now, let me give the facts again….in Boulder….ELK in a SUBDIVISION….well known in the sub….weighs about 1000 POUNDS….NAMED….was killed by the police. FIRST, an elk is roaming around in a subdivision that has children, dogs, cats with little regard. As I said, this is an elk; a wild animal with a huge rack on his head, is roaming a neighborhood as if it’s a stray dog. Most adult elks can weigh up to and over 1000 POUNDS….it can kill you. For whatever reason, the officers shot and killed this wild animal that was in people’s yards….yes, in their yards. Now, I don’t hate animals nor do I consider them a nuisance in their proper environment. But, I assure you that if I saw a thousand pound animal in my yard, I may shoot or call someone that can remove it. I have the right to fear for my safety. WHERE IS SHE GOING WITH THIS, you’re wondering….well in Boulder, CO., there is one of four late-term abortionists in the United States that still aborts unborn children up to full term – his name is Warren Hern. He was a bestie of George Tiller, another notorious late-term abortionist. Mr. Warren Hern is given FEDERAL MARSHALL SECURITY PROTECTION – guess who pays for that…yep, you and me. So, the police shoot and kill ‘Big Boy’ the elk and they lose their jobs…..Warren Hern murders late-term unborn children FOR A LIVING. Where is the justice? Where is the outcry? Where were the news stations? They were covering a dead elk. SUMMARY: I’d say that their definition of JUSTICE is a bit skewed.

Prolife efforts and ministries are not subsidized by the government like Planned Parenthood is. We are on the front lines, we preach and teach, we walk the WALK for the justice of just one unborn child usually at our own expense to our bank accounts, our jobs and relationships with our family. This is not easy, though it is not hard. If you are called you will suffer persecution, doubt and fear. But once you come to terms with the societal complacencies of unborn death by abortion, I promise that you will be encouraged, edified and enrapt with helping the handiwork of God – His Creation – to be born.

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: THEREFORE CHOOSE LIFE, that both thou and thy seed may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19


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