Our esteemed leader – self-appointed, mind you – said one of the things on his list of things to do is addressing climate change. We are in a fog of ‘change’ that will probably never go back to what normal was, even if it was not perfect. The ‘climate change’ we are seeing is a new normal of business as usual, death on the books through abortion, and being illegal to protect ourselves from all of it.

In that, I addressed gun control, human rights (trafficking & abortion), and our paycheck never being enough to keep us out of the hole in the Earth Obama dug for us. His clicking and clacking during his State of the Union address was mind numbing and dismal.

The prolife movement has had its hits and misses; we are in a bit of turmoil lately with ‘us against them’ rhetoric. Much like what is happening in Washington. The blatant ignorance of prolifers recently has been engaging if nothing else. The climate has changed greatly with the movement on the local level and on the national level.

Nationally, we are seeing more abortion facilities closed! What a shot in the arm for all of us that do this work…and work it is. Most of us are not paid anything but we are called of God to do the work that has been assigned. However, there are some prolifers that are going rogue and causing trouble within the movement which is making a mess of the wonderful work being done.


Evangelicals are having a hard enough time getting on board with the prolife movement [which is the church’s fault, btw] and they get paid back with being told they aren’t doing enough with preaching the Gospel to save the lost first. Most of us REAL Evangelical Prolifers know that the problem is IN the church and with weak Pastors. Evangelical Prolifers are very aware with the weak link; we want the pre-abortive and post-abortive to know they are sinners first and that they need a Savior to correct bad behavior which makes bad choices. But, Catholics are attacking with a works-based argument saying Evangelicals aren’t DOING anything but preaching and praying and evangelizing instead of doing the ‘work’ like they are. Now, to be fair, if ALL Catholic parishioners were on board with the prolife movement, we would not be having this conversation…but most Catholics are not active in the prolife movement and a lot of them don’t agree with it because if it is true that there are over 1 BILLION Catholics world-wide, then wouldn’t it BE true that there would be more prolifers doing more prolife work to end abortion? This proves that the Catholic Church is also dropping the ball with getting everyone on board.

What bothers me the most is that particular catholic prolifers are trying to tell evangelicals that they are not called by God like they are because they think they’re ‘doing it wrong’. And as well, some evangelicals attack other evangelicals for believing that incremental law works, which it does. Abortion was already abolished once and did not work. Check your history because abortion was illegal by 1900. So, does abolition work? NO. Has gun control worked? NO. Has legalizing some drugs worked? NO.


A works based Gospel does not exist, it never did. We cannot attain Salvation through works but to do GOOD works, one must be saved. I am appalled at prolifers that attack Evangelicals trying to do the good work they are called to do. Our climate has not changed because the Word of God NEVER changes throughout all 66 books. The wind shifts directions, the rain may not come but it does not give anyone the right to change what God has said and commanded. Jesus said, ‘Go and sin no more’ but most of these attackers don’t think they are sinning.

Admitting sin is the first step in knowing we need a Savior. Evangelical prolifers are trying their best to change the hearts of the sinner while we get attacked for it. Knowing the truth of sin is the first step to the life we are called to have.


PERSONAL NOTE: Manners…yes I said manners. We are prolifers. You can call yourself whatever you want to set you apart within the prolife movement, but you are still a prolifer because that’s how the other side sees you; prochoicers and the Liberal Left does pay attention to the little details of the ‘who’s who’ in the prolife world. All that they see is someone trying to take abortion rights away. So, while you’re in attack mode with each other, I ASSURE YOU that the prochoicers and Liberal Left is LAUGHING OUTLOUD.

The climate is changing within the prolife movement and the last thing anyone needs is to be attacked for doing what God called them to do.

Be the change that you want others to see…now that’s climate change I can deal with.

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