I love hearing that another death chamber closed. I love knowing that someone will not make their mortgage payment from killing unborn children. I LOVE when an abortion worker, whether doctor or receptionist, quits their ‘job’ after knowing the truth of the death that their job created.

Can death be created? YES: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21

Abortion death is created through bad law….yes, the law can kill…‘and those who love it will eat its fruit’ which is the ‘fruit’ of their labor, death. They kill or assist another that kills and that consequence does not go unnoticed by God.

People are under the impression that they can outsmart God with the law of the land.

Have you ever heard the guttural screams from the burning pit of hell?

An article dated 2/11/13 read: “For a number of years, reproductive-rights groups in New York have been pushing for the state’s abortion law to be updated in case Roe v. Wade is overturned…… A memo from the Catholic Conference said the legislation would permit unlimited late-term abortion on demand.” (lohud.com)

If Roe is ever overturned, then the states get back the option of either keeping or rejecting abortion. Some states like New York are pumping it up now in the event Roe does get whacked. Remember, some states already had abortion law on their books before Roe and Doe and will most likely intend to keep them, put them on steroids and become places like Wall Street is to financial management. It will be hideous and a pit of hell not yet seen or known. But it will be LEGAL.

In the event or advent that Roe is abolished, this does not end the fight for unborn life. We are under the impression that abolition will heal the abortion wound – but the likeliness of that is ZERO. The states want abortion money, or have we forgotten it is a BUSINESS and that the Tenth Amendment is available to abortion, too?

This fight is a FIGHT until the end of the END. Abortion will not stop until the heart is changed against it.

16 thoughts on “THE STATE OF ABORTION

  1. “Have you ever heard the guttural screams from the burning pit of hell?”

    Must we resort to scare tactics like this?

  2. If you are against abortion, shouldn’t you be for contraception since it would cut down on the number of unwanted pregnancies?

  3. The Catholic Church condemns all contraceptives, even condoms, as intrinsically evil. Don’t you think that is a bit extreme?

  4. Hey you, I hope u are doing okay. Haven’t seen you at the vine lately and wanted to make sure all is well with you. I miss you! God bless you, sister!

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