Can I get a witness? I have been post-abortive for 30+ years and you’d think I would have a handle on this sin I carry every day…but nothing can be further from the truth. These feelings of failure and isolation will be with me forever. My grief is real, my grievance is staggering.

While at our local 40 Days Rally yesterday, I see the faithful come and listen to speakers and singers and testimonies; these faithful pray and fast for women LIKE ME…yes, just like me. Girls and women will walk through that door behind me to kill their unborn child TODAY. Grief. I am heavy with GRIEF because they will do exactly what I did all those years ago thinking they are fixing something. What a LIE from the LIBERAL LEFT AND THE PIT OF HELL.

At the Rally
At the Rally

For every woman that will walk through that door to abort, at least 5 [usually more] other people pushed her there to take care of THEIR problem…HER baby. Most women that abort never wanted an abortion and nearly every woman and man that walks into that facility KNOWS it’s a baby. They did not count on being pregnant right now but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is fixing the problem today without considering that this decision will be with them FOREVER. Grief will show up, I assure you.

In 2006, 29 years after my abortion, I was driving to work and saw a man walking back and forth in front of some kind of office building holding something. I didn’t pay much attention that day but on another day I saw what he was holding…a crucifix…a HUGE crucifix. This man was there every day for a week and it finally occurred to me that this office building was an abortion facility. It was well hidden among other one-story office buildings but what stuck out was that this man was there every day ALONE, an army of ONE that faithfully prayed holding his crucifix waiting for someone like me to go into that horrible place and maybe THIS day he can talk her out of it. My grief came that day in 2006, just like it showed up yesterday at the rally. The fantasy is that abortion goes away; the reality is that someone died.

Abortion law does not take away the reality that unborn human children die from abortion…it only makes it legal.

Turn grief into grievance against the scourge called ABORTION.

5 thoughts on “GRIEF & GRIEVANCE OF ABORTION, part 1

  1. Name your baby: a girls name and a boys name. Your baby has been growing since that day. He/She is an adult in heaven, prays for you constantly and forgives you. You must forgive yourself, because GOD and your baby already has. Do continue to do ProLife work. Love and forgive those who won’t listen. You may never see the seed of faith and/or remorse growing in another’s soul. But God sees your progress and theirs too. Prayers of condolences to you, for your loss, but heaven’s gain. You have a “saint in your family” praying for you, in heaven. Rejoice in The Lord, always! 😀

  2. Katherine,
    I mourned with you when you prayed at the rally because each time you take a stand, I’m sure the wound surfaces. But have you thought about how much it delights our God to see you standing there in witness of His grace and forgiveness as you seek to help others who are in the valley of decision? You are His letter of love to those who may end up hurting. You are the voice of hope for those who have been wounded. Thank you for your powerful testimony and for your steadfast support of life causes.

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