The System is comprised of the building blocks of the Church, Family, and Government. Many blocks made the building that is the abortion facility. The Failure in the System in right decisions is another reason why we have abortion law and acceptance. It is the failure in the system that gave us over 55+ MILLION DEAD.

The failure of abortion is a personal failure in our lives that pointed to that exact moment at the abortion facility. Now, we could have said a resounding NO that day, but we did not….most of us wanted to say no, some of us did, but we were shoved by family/friends/spouses and herded into a pen with others that had the same pale deathly fear on their faces. We looked at each other frantically nearly to panic attack mode looking for the back door. And if you think about it, there is never a back door to escape in the abortion facility…by design.

SIDE NOTE: Have you ever seen the movie ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ when she realized why she was on the table looking at all the people she trusted…and all they wanted was her baby. I remember distinctly feeling exactly like this, as if everyone was in on it but me. To this day, it chills me to the bone….the System – my system – failed me.

The abortion facility workers made no attempt to look into our eyes and seemed almost dead themselves. When will this be over…when will normal come back? Never. On THAT day, we were about to embark into the ‘new normal’ of being a brand new American demographic: post-abortive. Post-abortive women make up about 1/3 of all women. How’s that for system failure?

The Failure in the System made this bed we were forced to sleep in forever.

The failure of abortion is not just our personal MORAL failure; it is failure in the Church that did not preach against it. It is failure in our government to protect all life as our founding documents promised and has not  – it is the FAILURE OF THE WORLD SYSTEM to allow such a thing to curb the population over the statisticians fear of global warming, lack of water and food, a significant rise in third world regimes, and an overall declining economy.

Lastly and most importantly, it is the system’s failure of FAMILY. The failure in the system is a symptom of our failed family dynamic:

  1. Men don’t want to be or have to be husbands or fathers
  2. Women are empowered by the government to be single and childless

These two points are why women/girls abort at the rate of nearly 25% of all pregnancies in the United States. Parents push their girls to abortion to alleviate any financial burden that a grandchild conceived out of wedlock will incur. It used to be that parents quietly sent their girls away for a few months…now they usher them into abortion facilities with expressionless faces as if it’s another day like any other.

The failure in the system is not a reaction – it is a fact. Abortion kills, the system allows it:


9 thoughts on “THE FAILURE OF ABORTION, PART 3 – Failure in the System

  1. Hi Katherine:

    How do I stop Planned Parenthood’s indoctrination of my niece at the University of Cincinnati?
    Just this past week, PP and some militant feminist groups put on “Re-envisioning the female body.” A dozen female students allowed photos of their genitalia to be blown up and displayed. I happened to click on a few links, starting from story on Lifenews, and the next thing I know, I was on the Facebook event page and noticed that MY OWN NIECE, who is a student there, was planning to attend. This was a pro-abortion event.

    On seeing this, I started to cry and feel sick. I remembered my own indoctrination a generation ago. This child doesn’t even know she has an aborted cousin.
    So I looked up her student email and sent her a link to the recent cnn ireport I had done on my own abortion experience.
    Just google: cnn, ireport, abortion, my only child. I purposely did not spare detail and it is graphic.

    All i wrote in the email to my niece is this is from your aunt who loves you and please read. My niece is so sweet and beautiful, and I don’t want the likes of Planned Parenthood to hurt her, as they have done on a mass scale. She is a pup in life experience and that’s where pp does their best work… I guess this was my way of going mama bear aunt in her behalf. To know there is a second side to the story that she is being influenced by.

    FYI, this uber feminist pro-abortion event was in protest to a Genocide Awareness Project display the previous spring. I tell my husband that Genocide Awareness Project is like a tough love ice-cold slap in the face to what is reality. I support them fully.

    Anyway, I will say buy for now.

  2. I have to wonder many things about this, like are the moms of these students at all alarmed that their daughters are displaying photos of their bodies? Why weren’t the police involved? What could possibly be next after such a horrific thing? Being the mom of adult kids, I’m still shocked at this. If my daughter went to this university, I would have contacted the police and then my attorney. HOWEVER, the advice I can give you is be stalwart in your beliefs and talk to your niece face to face. I was a liberal when I was young, too. Then I realized that I was being used by Liberal Democrats to further their agenda; they seek to indoctrinate our kids in public school and in universities.THANK GOD your niece has you to be the light in a dark, dark place 🙂

    Can we stop Planned Parenthood? Eventually, yes. But if we try to stop their freedom of speech, then we’ll lose ours as well. It’s a tough situation, I know, but getting the word out that PP’s agenda is to hurt our daughters and sons is key.

    I sincerely pray that you will be a guiding light to your niece and her friends…we both know that being post-abortive is not what God intended nor what we intended.

    God Bless!

  3. FYI, Katherine, my niece’s parents are pro-life, but I don’t know how to broach the subject.
    On youtube, you can hear 2 male members of U of C’s lbgtq student group telling a televison reporter how a womam should have full freedom of her body to do with whatever she wants when she wants to. GROAN!!! Been there and got the t-shirt 31 years ago…

  4. Her parents really have to be OUTLOUD about being prolife. There are two 40 Days for Life campaigns going on right now around Cincinnati…one at the Cinci PP ( and one in Sharonville ( See if they will go by these places to see prolifers in action! It was 40 Days for Life that saved me back in 2008. Sometimes if we SEE prolife work in action, we react in a positive and creative manner.

  5. I would guess that the parents of these young women are CLUELESS to what is going on, just like mine were. Just this past year, my own father gasped in horror that his own kids were being taught at our school system that abortion is a viable option.
    In response to the university, the U of C president Ono said this event was “a teachable moment” and refused to stop the display, even though it was in plain sight of children, in the middle of the day and pornographic.
    Yes, I used to call myself a liberal too until I got that hard-cold slap of reality….

  6. Her mother is visiting me next week, as I just got out of the hospital. I highly doubt she knows what is going on.

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