Is the Church prolife? It’s hard to even comprehend that we have to ask that question. In times past, abortion was never sanctioned even in ‘dire circumstances’, but since 1973 it has become a quagmire of relevancy so that no one is offended; millions are dead, millions are suffering. And the church stood silent in agreement. 

No, the Church is GUILTY. The Church as failed women and children in crisis.

As a nation that was founded on Christian principles, the United States of America has told God that He is no longer welcome. The Failure of the Church allowed evolution to be taught in schools and prayer taken out. The Failure of the Church allowed the radicalized liberal Agenda into schools, the Federal Government, and, ironically, right back into the church as ‘social gospel’. The Church has acquiesced and applauded abortion and contraception. And now we pay the price with the lives of aborted children and the post-abortive afterlife of nearly half of all men and women in the pews. Essentially, the Church allowed this evil and neglects it’s new demographic as if it’s NORMAL.

Is the Church placating a secular social agenda or truly reaching out to the community? 

This new modern Church embarked on a fast track secular social gospel that has forfeited missions and outreaches that touch the afflicted in the community. Social gospel has skyrocketed church attendance but the true Gospel has suffered. And if the true Gospel suffers, then the message is weak with worldly motivational speakers rather than the True Message of Jesus Christ, a message of LIFE and LOVE.

Are Pastors preaching a prolife message? Obviously not. How can helping women in crisis offend the flock to the point of ignoring the slaughter of MILLIONS of children? A Pastor once said that we don’t give God enough credit to BE God to those who need Him. He’s not wrong.

In my community of about 800K, there are hundreds of churches surrounding ONE ABORTION MILL. Just one. Churches don’t have a real burden for real women in real crisis. If the Church did, the sidewalks would be filled to overflowing, which takes money away from the abortionists, which closes these killing mills. Sidewalk outreaches are POWERFUL; they help women with their immediate needs while saving lives.

The Church is churning out a bunch of unsaved, unhealthy, post-abortive, ecumenical motivational junkies. There is no Jesus, no accountability. Much of the secularized Church has embraced abortion. Their social gospel is a out loud type of social justice that has forgotten about the afflicted one, the unborn child. This new ‘church’ will stop traffic to help a puppy but has no intentions of stopping the murder of innocent unborn people. 

An Episcopal Priest, Katherine Ragsdale, said, “Using the word ‘baby’ is a manipulative lie…..a fetus is not a baby”, and she goes on to call the baby a ‘proleptic hope’. Ms. Ragsdale also drives MINOR GIRLS to abortion appointments behind their parent’s back. OFTEN. Without apology.

I would also note that the so-called “Nuns on the Bus” had much to do with luring Catholic women away from Church teaching, pointing them TO the abortion mill. The Pope denounced these women, but they still go all over the country preaching an anti-Catholic message. This I personally know well, these evil ‘nuns’ essentially put me on the abortionist table because the women in my family listened intently to them, believing their rhetoric and lies.

Even at that, which is bad enough, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is another so-called ‘ministry’ using social justice pastors to fill abortion mills. They say ‘abortion is normal’ and abortion is healthcare’. As pastors. And call themselves Christians.

 THAT is the utter Failure of the Church. THAT is why our society is broken. THAT is why women are not revered but TOLERATED.

LET ME BE CLEAR: No real Christian will ever tell you abortion is normal, healthcare, or ever the right thing to do. EVER.


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