I thought I’d ramble a bit about our prochoice/proabort Feminazis that go above and beyond to make killing unborn children legal, available, acceptable and NORMAL throughout the entire pregnancy. Kudos to you all….you have finally made being a human being reprehensible.

GOT IT: First, let me say this in response to all the Feminazis whining about Personhood passing in North Dakota: WE KNOW IT DOES NOT MATTER TO THE PROCHOICE/PROABORT FEMINAZI WHEN LIFE BEGINS, ONLY THAT THEY CAN END IT. These hard core Feminazis have NO REGARD for when life begins, it really doesn’t matter at all nor has it ever. Feminazis know that abortion kills an unborn child…EVEN ABORTION DOCTORS & WORKERS HAVE ADMITTED THAT ABORTION KILLS UNBORN CHILDREN. When will we ever understand that? Tell them ‘til you’re blue in the face! It doesn’t matter, they demand the opportunity to be able to end it at THEIR will without anyone’s permission or counsel….least of all God’s.

KEEPING IT CLASSY: Yet another ‘man-gina’has been sighted trying to stop traffic and anything prolife. I’m still trying to find out how we got to a place in these United States that men have become Feminazi women. I mean seriously…what kind of psycho liberal propaganda does a man digest to become a Feminazi? This isn’t just stupid, it’s SAD. I mean, is this the kind of guy that’s thinking about marriage and family and living happily ever after? NO…this dimwit has been brainwashed by some freak proabort to do what she won’t in public. HILARIOUS.

NOT PROLIFE: Another bunch of Feminazi-inspired rhetoric around here is how SO-CALLED ‘right to life’ chapters (not all of them, but most) that does not protect unborn life. THAT’S RIGHT….many ‘right to life’ chapters are so ingrained in political callousness and correctness that they line their own deplorable agendas with making their endorsements for sale to state representatives and senators. I personally received a letter from such a PROLIFE state senator asking me NOT to testify for a bill that could have saved 26,000 unborn babies per year in this state.

JUST PLAIN GROSS: Then there is the pinnacle of the gross nature of how truly disgusting the Feminazi is; a sign read ‘If Mary had an abortion, we wouldn’t be in this mess.’ WOW. As crude as that is, it also reflects the fact that since Christ did live to be born, He has been not just mocked but FEARED in this hideous sign held by persecutors of Faith and LIFE. This is truly how low our society has sunk to actually say this out loud as if it was some kind of comic strip read over coffee in the morning newspaper. When the only thing you worship is your own body and mind, then you have become a vessel filled with hate and loathing of everything else, holy or not. After all, aren’t you the center of the universe? Are you not the Feminazi that can kill your own unborn offspring LEGALLY?

But after it’s all said and done, the Feminazi can’t kill God no matter how hard they try. Because try as you might, it cannot be done….especially since even YOU, the Feminazi, was made in the image of HIM:

‘So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.’ (Genesis 1:27)

Ironic, isn’t it.

5 thoughts on “FEMINAZI…my new favorite word.

  1. Yes, my teenaged child in crisis. Here is the ultrasound we taking of your baby sucking her thumb… How cute.
    Click. Now you have a keepsake for your wallet, before we begin the procedure…

  2. Here’s the photo we are taking for your keepsake. Ignore the fetus fetishists out there with their signs that read:
    Abortion Hurts Women… What a bunch of religious kooks. We certainly would not want any of these malignant growths we have to dismember to cause more global warming by their carbon footprints… Procedure is done. Wanna look? Whoa this one was a boy-we did good- isn’t our aim to keep the population at 80 per cent female to 20 per cent male? High five!

    (Excerpts taken from femi-nazi websites.)

  3. Reblogged this on shaynroby and commented:
    Reverend Katherine H. Marple addresses the militant attitudes of the pro-abortion feminists and appropriately refers to them as the Feminazis.

  4. I was being sarcastic above. Our society is so depraved, that a precious little one in the womb, innocent and made in God’s image, can even be referred to as a growth, pregnancy debris or a callous as I have seen on some Jezebel pro-abort websites. On my hard days, when I realize just how wicked and evil the world has become, I read Psalm 37. I have reached a point where I simply cannot listen to one more word out of a liberal’s mouth…

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