Testimony at the Ohio House finance Committee last week was interesting, particularly regarding Planned Parenthood funding….or in this case being defunded. Representative Ron Maag asked Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio’s CEO Stephanie Kight WHY keep your last three abortion centers open if you want this money? She said in part, ‘abortion is a good work’. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the AGENDA of keeping abortion legal is prevalent, not the health of women.   

OBSERVATION: If a more stringent back-ground check would actually weed out criminals and terrorists, then an IQ test and Constitution aptitude test should be mandatory for every candidate and elected official.

The debate and testimony that started last week is continuing today with Democrats trying to add amendments to HB59 to keep it ‘bipartisan’ to left-leaning rather than make it better. Much was discussed and of course, the Medicaid Expansion was addressed [so far] three times including trying to keep Planned Parenthood as a ‘provider’.

As I [and many others] have mentioned, Title X does not keep Planned Parenthood from using Title X money: Title X pays for administrative costs and other services by abortion providers….yes, that pocket knows what the other pocket is doing. Don’t believe the sleight of hand tactics of Planned Parenthood.

Most Democrats (all but one, I think) wanted to keep the Medicaid Expansion and voice LOUDLY their displeasure of it being stricken. It was really a thing to see. But I am still just appalled at these Dems that insist that Planned Parenthood provides ‘vital’ healthcare. It’s just not so…for all intents and purposes they just dole out contraception to eager teenagers and young women. But way too many women believe the lie that they are a health clinic when in reality they will shuffle them around to the real doctors which is EXACTLY what they accuse pregnancy centers of doing. There are hundreds of family planning (non-abortion) clinics and general health clinics in this state that really needs the money but somehow the abortion agenda…or Planned Parenthood agenda keeps showing up at the Statehouse instead of other clinic directors to fight for money they need and deserve. But here in the real world, we call Planned Parenthood an extortionist of the worst kind, bought and paid for themselves, they bully local politicians for the Planned Parenthood endorsements. Pitiful, transparent and vile.

What say you, House Finance Committee Democrats?

Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D) moved to strike ‘Defund Planned Parenthood’ from budget bill and still insists on calling Planned Parenthood the best in health care and vital….how can she actually say that an entity that sucks up taxpayer money to kill unborn children vital? HOW IS THAT HEALTH CARE? And bemoaning the ‘cancer screenings’ that Planned Parenthood ‘says’ they perform. Rep. Clyde also said that this won’t stop abortion which is truth; just like making laws tougher will not take guns out of the hands of criminals OR drugs from being manufactured and sold in states that made marijuana legal. Yes, women will still get illegal abortions just like at a place where Kermitt Gosnell took the lives of born children and eventually a patient. Instead of focusing on some kind of solemn right to kill your unborn child, why now look at why you would first? The ‘war on women’…AGAIN….REALLY? But calling the beautiful work that pregnancy centers do as deceptive, incomplete and gives women false claims is a lie befitting the pit of hell; she mentioned that the State should not give ANY money pregnancy centers at all. Remember, the abortion rate in 2008 in Ohio was almost 30,000 babies. Thankfully, the vote was 18-13….nice.

Rep. Antonio (D) claimed that Republicans are tipping the scale regarding Planned Parenthood, believes Republicans ‘owe it to the people of Ohio’ – and thinks Planned Parenthood will somehow thwart kids and teens getting sexually assaulted. She cited ‘political trickery’ and was ‘stunned and disappointed’ about her failed amendment and others, which was probably one of her best dramatic scenes to date. Rep. Antonio says we continue to use a ‘medieval approach’ to teach kids sex ed which is INSANE…it’s a parents job to teach a child about these things, not some Planned Parenthood nitwit that has never been parent.

Rep. Carney (D) actually said out loud ‘evidence based health care’….in my book, that’s socialism. These freshman Representatives are not in tune with what the people need, only a tired ideology that does not work. He also concurred that Planned Parenthood is cost effective, but what is the actual cost? Does he have any idea that every 25 seconds an unborn baby dies from abortion?? That’s the cost.   

Rep. Lundy (D) says that reelection is in front of healthcare which renews the ‘war on women’ – women should be treated with respect, he says. I suppose that Rep. Lundy respects women with abortion? Life is not respected, only what he said was ‘reelection issues’…like FUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

Rep. Ramos (D) is also concerned about Medicaid expansion being stricken, says Planned Parenthood does it best…I wonder what ‘it’ is. He mentioned that he wants high schools to teach sex ed so that teens ‘know the realities of biology’. I agree that they all should know more about the biology of LIFE. And, it’s been proven that sex ed actually encourages kids to have sex, particularly if Planned Parenthood is teaching it.

So, the bill will move along to the General Assembly. But nothing is in stone, and nothing can be counted on until the end. We watched viable prolife bills die last year because of personality conflicts and pride. Don’t ever think for ONE MINUTE that a prolife legislator will vote for every prolife bill, AND don’t think for ONE MINUTE that every ‘right to life’ chapter will back every bit of legislation because they won’t. Pride is an evil thing and does not ignore the Conservative, either.

The Bible says: “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

Rally the troops, circle the wagons…it’s going to be a long year.



One thought on “Views from the deep part of the abortion pit, part 2: And then there were three.

  1. “Abortion is good work.” Nauseating. Thanks again for the report. I would not have been able to stomach this.

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