Being God must be exhausting for the prochoice/proabort movement. The choices and laws you make for everyone else must be grueling; is it comforting to know that you can parent a country but you don’t have to be a parent to your unborn child? On behalf of women everywhere, DON’T DO ME ANY MORE FAVORS….I GOT THIS.

If a choice of any kind supersedes a right to life, then the choice is not only wrong but unthinkable. In 1973, a handful of people dressed in black robes told the United States that life will not impede law. While it is broadly known that abortion has been happening since ancient times, it was not blatantly lauded as a personal right to save your own life from the burden of being a mother or father. Abortion was not an assumed option for married couples, but it was and continues to be for adulterers and those who are sexual active before marriage. If you are prepared to have sex either before or outside of marriage, then be prepared for parenthood. Sacrificing a child’s life for your own is the highest form of narcissism.

But I love these idiotic articles; it makes me thankful that I know THE God that knows the right answers, that gives LIFE and loves us spite of us. I’m smart enough to know I don’t speak for God – He speaks for Himself while the prochoice rhetoric tries to speak for everyone despite our right to say no, which we have. The only person that speaks for me is God, not some flippy idiot dressed in a ‘lady parts’ costume or a death-defying God hater.

That being said, let’s debunk some abortion myths!

He said MYTH, 1: Laws against abortion have always been based on concern about unborn life.

THE TRUTH: The author states that abortion was legal up to the mid-19th century, which is partially true; it was legal as ‘common law’ since the English pilgrims crossed the Atlantic until about the turn of the 20th century. Abortion is an ancient craft and was called ‘witchery’. Abortion was usually performed by midwives that had knowledge of using herbs [emmenagogue herbs] which ‘encourage’ menstruation, thus aborting or ‘emptying’ the contents of the womb.

The unborn have always been forefront in every illustration, every example and every instance of the Prolife Movement. The statement that abortion was not about the unborn is just plain ASININE: If it weren’t for the unborn victims and dead or injured women, there would not be an argument: MYTH EXPOSED.

He said MYTH, 2: Until Roe v. Wade, back-alley procedures killed countless women, and that risk would return if abortion were outlawed.

THE TRUTH: This has to be the most tired of all myths of abortion and Roe. And since the author used Guttmacher, which is an offshoot of PLANNED PARENTHOOD, I would call their findings rather partial to the abortion agenda. However, in regard to illegal back alley abortions, I would say correctly that the Kermitt Gosnell trial is just the tip of the iceberg of other illegal abortion practitioners that practice in plain sight all over the United States.

Our understanding of what Roe is will justly show that this act of law is just exactly that, an act of law that has an agenda. Making abortion illegal will not stop abortions, just like drugs being illegal will not stop drug activity, manufacturing, distribution or deaths. HOWEVER, abortion always kills a living person and should never be legal for any reason. Making the argument that less WOMEN will die because it’s legal is IGNORANT; the death of an immigrant woman at Gosnell’s facility should tip you off; again, just the tip of the abortion iceberg. Many women have died or have been injured from the abortion procedure SINCE ROE. Again, what the author does not report is what happens during an abortion procedure: THE UNBORN BABY DIES AND WAS THE INTENDED VICTIM. MYTH EXPOSED.

He said MYTH, 3: Roe led to a huge increase in the number of abortions.

THE TRUTH: The author’s intent is to move you to see what an affiliated numbers cruncher, Guttmacher Institute, says about abortion statistics. The author remarks that Guttmacher reports at least 1 million abortions occurred per year prior to Roe. Interesting that there are real numbers regarding an illegal act…much like expecting the mafia to call in their activity so that we can study the statistics of organized crime.  Guttmacher = Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the United States, funded by your tax dollars to lobby, fund and endorse liberal democrat politicians for election and reelection to extend and moralize abortion. MYTH EXPOSED.

He said MYTH, 4: Women who end their pregnancies tend to suffer various psychological and physical illnesses.

THE TRUTH: I’ve heard it all…there is no connection to psychosis or disorder, “it’s all in your head”, every liberal university in the entire world has ruled out Post Abortion Stress Syndrome…I have to wonder at their criteria and who they actually ask. I have made the case for Planned Parenthood weeding out the proabort post abortive  they ‘serviced’ to claim there is no after effect…..but I’m here to tell you that I do know about Post Abortion Stress Syndrome since I am post-abortive. There is help and I can tell you that after MANY years of guilt, regret and shame that there is healing after abortion. I initially sought healing through alcohol, like many other post abortive women do. Then one day God sat me down, told me I was a sinner that need Salvation. The godless says it’s all in your head, but THE GOD says He will heal you, if you only ask. MYTH EXPOSED: Check out the resources below.

He said MYTH, 5: “Choice” guarantees woman the opportunity to decide whether to become a mother.

THE TRUTH: That is truth. Choice has many guarantees besides being a parent or not; it also guarantees your own right to life to be less than it was 40 years ago. It may guarantee your family’s right to exterminate you when you’re too sick and old to make your own choice for life. Your choice to abort has made the choice to annihilate the generations that could have been born and had their own families. Your choice has made other laws to demoralize unborn human life by the sex of the baby or perceived illness the baby may have. Your choice has demonized the right to teach our own children about how God hates abortion. Exercising your right to choose is much like the addict’s right to shoot up; the addict thinks they are only hurting themselves but the reality is that it affects an entire family. Choosing to abort takes your family’s right away from being a grandparent, aunt or uncle, sister or brother, friend and neighbor. Your choice can affect hundreds of people…so all of this just being about you??? MYTH EXPOSED.

If you are pregnant, God chose YOU, no matter the circumstances, to be a parent to that child. Choose LIFE, not a life of regret.


3 thoughts on “5 Abortion Myths Exposed – Beware of Proabort Rhetoric Ahead

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    The book of Jeremiah in God’s Holy Word tells us that an unborn child is a persono: “I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.”

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