Seeing a funeral procession go past the abortion facility today was rather interesting – there was death on both sides of the sidewalk. On one side there were family and friends mourning the loss of a loved one on their way to have a proper burial. On the other side was dark and evil, murdered unborn children are discarded like common trash with no regard at all. I hate that side of the sidewalk.

On the way to the sidewalk last week I saw a blind man walking not one, but TWO dogs and they weren’t service dogs. Yes, I can do this thing that God told me to do, no matter how uncomfortable or hard it is…boots on the ground running.

BUSINESS AS USUAL: I was part of a round table discussion recently in the local newspaper about how far the Republican Party has stooped since the last election. I say as the Church goes, so does the nation and the church has shown that it has become a dull-witted social club. It’s no secret that the GOP has not done what they’ve been elected to do particularly with the abortion agenda and gay agenda. I am one of those prolifers that follows what’s going on in the Statehouse because it shows what direction we are going as a State and who’s voting. A recent article said Romney would have won this state had white voters showed up….and we are cast as the racists? I can tell you that even though we are a ‘red’ state, we have fallen from grace to a social business club full of half-truths and out right deceit. Our GOP US senator has a son that comes out and tells us to deal with it, state senators and reps that call themselves prolife and bail at the last minute just in time for reelection…not surprised, really – but I am disappointed to the point of moving to a state that has ‘potential’, if that’s even possible.

AS I CONTINUE TO RANT: The Apostle Paul said to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”, then the question I have for Christians is this: If people have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Saviour…a born again Christian…how is it that we set up certain rules to weed out who we think aren’t ‘real’ prolife Christians? I suppose we can use works as a judge, “I’ll show you my faith BY my works”, but what else does it take? Is everyone else really doing it wrong [I speak of true born again believers, not Protestants]? Or is it that other Christian prolifers don’t do things in a way that is acceptable? I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO SHOW UP! See, I can say the same for certain churches that attack true born again Christians for ‘doing it wrong’, according to their standards, whatever they may be. Attacking each other is dangerous and can cause a brother or sister to stumble in the Faith and even fall away. It also makes us look like complete idiots to the unsaved and prochoicers, so why attack each other when we have an entire world out there that seeks to persecute, demonize and criminalize us? There is so much to do in the name of Jesus to save a dying world and we fight each other. Don’t be a step away from being a cult.

But let me say this: Protesting churches that are in direct violation of the Word of God and demanding an answer of why they accept abortion, gay agenda, Islam, etc., is VALID. I want to know how a church or denomination evolves themselves into thinking that they need to feed stray cats and not save unborn children….YES, I WANT AN ANSWER FROM CHURCHES THAT USE SOCIAL JUSTICE AS A CRUTCH AND DOCTRINE. That is not a church, that is a community center.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE SIDEWALK…We have to ‘get’ that we are all accountable to God for our works or lack of. We are missionaries in a world that does not want us and even seeks to have us forcibly eliminated by changing the law and outright persecution. We are soldiers, we are CHRISTIANS, we are NOT going away.


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