or, 5 reasons why Christians deny the sidewalk.

sidewalkA woman on the sidewalk yesterday said that the evangelical home church she attends does not know she comes to the abortion facility to pray and counsel. Her reasoning is that her church believes that prolifers are screamers and bombers. Even if she ‘outed’ herself as a boots on the ground prolifer, those people would still believe the urban legend that everyone is Eric Rudolph and Scott Roeder. Or, are they using this as an excuse to do nothing?

However, that is not the reason why these so-called [yes, I said it] Christians won’t go to or support sidewalk prayer/counselors or prolife ministries…

The 5 reasons why Christians deny the sidewalk:

  1. Stigma of abortion – More often than not, it’s because they are post abortive or have participated in coercing someone to abort. If statistics are true, at least 40% of all women are post abortive; 1 in 4 unborn babies are aborted every day. This ‘stigma’ touches everyone, in or out of the Church.
  2. Afraid of confrontation & persecutionThe disciples got over it, and aren’t you glad? Otherwise we would have never known the Gospel!
  3. Uncomfortable with doing a ‘work’ Some churches [usually large ones] don’t perform or acknowledge outreaches that would detract from them as a whole or entity. On the other hand, works-based churches [which are essentially community centers] are more social justice oriented to take care of those already born rather those not yet born which is absolute confusion: “For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints,” 1Corinthians 14:33.
  4. Leans on other ‘works’ – Some churches talk a good game, even use the game face…but when the rubber meets the road, they back off and say there are not enough resources to support prolife related ministries and outreaches. I agree that we are to go INTO ALL THE WORLD and preach the Gospel to every creature…and that includes abortion facilities where abortion workers, the pre-abortive and the post abortive needs it MOST…at the DOOR OF HELL, not just a comfortable church pew.
  5. Blatant FEAR – Yes, we fear the unknown. We believe what we read in the mainstream media. We allow everyone else to dictate what we should do instead of what God tells us to do. We will be tested time after time after time by our own and the unknown: For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind,” 2Timothy 1:7.

I preached a short message at a 40 Days for Life rally titled, “NO Spirit of Fear – The Ministry of Prolife”. I preached this to everyone that came to the rally but mostly I wanted them to take it back to their friends, families and churches to let them know that we need to stand tall and strong against the fear of what God told us to do.

Prolife is a MINISTRY, not just a movement. Churches call prolife a ‘movement’ to stay away from the stigma and responsibility of it. And sometimes you will be an army of ONE because you answered the call [‘for many are called, but few are chosen’].

We need you, BOOTS ON THE GROUND, to do this thing that God called you do to.


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