It’s easy to see that ALL prochoicers KNOW it’s a baby, but it’s so tough to watch these women and girls go in and out of the abortion facility as if it’s an errand on the way home. This past week a young guy [not a man because real men don’t abort their children] waited outside near his vehicle with his hat on sideways smoking and texting. He had absolutely NO regard for his own unborn child or the woman carrying it. How do they do it? They choose to not believe their baby’s humanity is equal to their own.

“You’re not doing anything!” said a woman leaving the abortion facility. I beg to differ and here’s why: The LAST LINE OF DEFENSE is sidewalk counselors and prayers. It’s one of the most hated things of Planned Parenthood because they know that our presence makes pre-abortive women and girls KNOW what they are about to do very real. Will sidewalk counseling and praying stop abortion? It does, one unborn child at a time.

Can we still fight abortion or are we in protection mode? I really wonder if the socialism freight train is able to be stopped without God; in other words, can we do anything about abortion before Jesus comes back? Should we stop trying? NO, and here’s why: We are on the sidewalk as a faithful witness for the Lord to gather more souls AND save unborn babies from abortion death. Even when most of these women and girls say they know Jesus as Savior, most are lying to shut us up….we know that. They speed up when they leave the facility with their cell phone in their ear. We want all to know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The prolife argument is that when legalized baby killing [abortion] became legal, it would bring us to the point of thinking that NO life is worth sparing, saving or living without the expressed written consent of the government [that’ll preach…]. Since the videos of late-term abortion facilities admitting that they can ‘take care’ of a born-alive infant [or failed abortion] to make sure it will not survive, the point is true: Life is not a right, it’s a privilege….a government protected privilege.

2012-09-23 - 40 Days for Life rally (11)

To the girl that spat “You’re not doing anything”, I say: From the sidewalk to the Statehouse, OH YES WE ARE. There are just over 700 abortion facilities left in the United States and more closing all the time. According to The National Abortion Federation, the most recent survey found that 87% of all U.S. counties have no identifiable abortion provider. In non-metropolitan areas, the figure rises to 97%. That’s good news, but not ‘great’ news.

We are winning the sidewalk wars, one child and mom at a time.


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