Ladies’ arm wrestling…Men in the City bachelor auction…all for….PLANNED PARENTHOOD??? Yes, hosted by a group that tries to look like a rebel offshoot of Planned Parenthood’s sex ed and sex health agenda called PUSH Dayton. You can find them here.

And here’s your chance to see who these so-called bachelors are and more importantly WHO THEY REPRESENT: One is a local weather man, a State Trooper [OH], besides others. But it’s real nice to know that these ‘bachelors’ are keenly interested in women’s sexual health that they would put themselves up for auction for Planned Parenthood.

And how about this local offshoot hosting Planned Parenthood booths at health fairs and the ‘Bowl for Choice Ohio’? I have to wonder if pre-abortive know that their unborn baby’s life is in the balance because PUSH Dayton and Planned Parenthood are ‘striking down barriers to abortion’? Cold, heartless and TACKY.

PUSH is an acronym for Professionals United for Sexual Health. They say they are a ‘professionals’ group advancing sexual health awareness in the greater Dayton [OH] area on behalf of Planned Parenthood. In fact their contact address is at the Planned Parenthood in downtown Dayton. So, for all intents and purposes, these people are not ‘professionals’ in the Greater Dayton area, it’s just another pitifully staged Planned Parenthood fundraising scheme that still preys on children, minors and the desperately poor to continue the abortion agenda, supersede parental relationships, and promote the LGBT lifestyle.

OBSERVATION: Fundraising for ANYTHING in a bar should be your first clue to its applicability…

It must be so comforting to know that ‘professionals’ are looking out for our children and grandchildren to make sure that they have an arsenal of weapons just for their sex lives….so, PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS, until you do something about your rights AS parents and grandparents, this will continue until you are only credited for being breeders instead of the nurturers you were intended by God to be.

And as usual, I will sum this up as just ‘another tip of the abortion iceberg’.

It’s time to stake your claim and take parenthood back from ‘professionals‘.


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