Louisiana Right to Life [LRTL] isn’t seeing how monumental this is, or maybe they aren’t reporting it, but with Mississippi nearly abortion facility free, pre-abortive Mississippians will go where abortion is available. Arkansas has passed incredible legislation recently restricting abortion as well. Louisiana is being primed for more abortion even though Louisiana has passed much anti-abortion legislation, too.

2013-05-20 18.55.02But…IT ISN’T BULLETPROOF: Planned Parenthood was still able to obtain land to build a mega abortion facility in New Orleans, and according to a Letter to the Editor of the Baton Rouge Advocate, Baton Rouge is next. If this information about Baton Rouge next on PP’s list is true, and I believe it is, then Louisiana isn’t as abortion free as it seems.

As I get ready for the NOLA Prolife Missionary Trip, I knew years ago that abortion in Louisiana was not going away; it just limped along unnoticed until Planned Parenthood showed up. There’s been an eerie kind of quiet there that concerned me, and if you look at PP’s site in Baton Rouge [does not perform abortions] you’ll see that they do not have ‘abortion referral’ like other PP centers do. Again, abortion was limping along looking as if it was about to be put down and here it is…Planned Parenthood is about to super-size it.

Planned Parenthood is not just trying to make abortion another errand to run, Planned Parenthood is trying to be the big-box store of abortion. Much like mega shopping malls put the small business OUT of business, Planned Parenthood is trying to shut down independent abortion facilities and replace them with a mall-like super store of abortion. Albeit ironic, Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge and Causeway Clinic in NOLA are on the chopping block, among others. Planned Parenthood can afford to do what they do when the government has given them carte blanche to make them the one stop shop for abortion, contraceptives, sex ed for children and LGBT ‘services’.

Abortion in Louisiana will SOAR unless PROLIFERS AND CHURCHES UNITE, show up at the capitol building and talk to state reps and senators about this looming catastrophic abortion storm. Planned Parenthood is gaining access to land in the inner city of America to spread the abortion agenda while no one was paying attention.

Much will be learned on my NOLA Prolife Missionary Trip next week. Please pray for us.

SIDENOTE: No one owns the sidewalk or Statehouse. SHOW UP and BE HEARD.

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