This Memorial Day, we remember those that fought for us here at home and overseas. Many of us have or had soldiers in our families that told great stories of conflict and valor or died while fighting for our right to tell those stories. Our troops protect us, every one of them.

But this day I ask you to ponder this: Remember the 4000 unborn children that will be sacrificed today and every day in a war called CHOICE. Their lives were snuffed out as a sacrifice to mothers that had ‘better’ intentions for their lives. The sacrifice of unborn life has no parade in their honor, no picnics, no memorials…just a sacrifice of life that will be remembered by no one other than the breaking hearts of their mothers.

In this silent war of CHOICE, please remember our little warriors that were sacrificed for an unnamed ‘greater good’. Those of us on the front lines of this war are in conflict every day to save their lives. Our armies are small but effective, we are sometimes nameless but remembered by every mother that goes to abortion facilities every day.

We are the last line of defense for the defenseless.

Remember our troops, here and abroad.


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