So I ask, “Heart of my heart, breath of my breath…who can imagine evil? Who can see the beast?”

“The beast lies in beautiful dew soaked pastures waiting for the innocent,” He says.

‘The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?’ [Jeremiah 17:9]

I hold my head and groan, first for myself seeing the long road ahead and the work it MUST take; second for how God must feel that He sent His only Son to die for such wretchedness. But then I see the faithful, from all walks, to bring a light to a darkness that seems only we can see. Are all blind? Have they been given over to the evil they worship?

DEATH IS SOLD HEREMy short prolife mission trip to New Orleans and Baton Rouge were enlightening, to say the least. Probably my first observation is the distinct difference in people from NOLA to BRLA. However, the differences were so obvious from here in the North to deep in what’s called the Dirty South. People aren’t as harsh and abrupt down there…even polite, sometimes. THAT was near to intoxicating.

In the 12 days I was there, it was clear that there is a problem with abortion rising abruptly…although I saw it coming along quietly for the last few years just waiting like a coiled snake about to strike. And just like in the Garden, someone ate the fruit called Planned Parenthood because it was ‘pleasant to the eyes’ [Gen 3:1-4-7]. And…just like the fall of Man, we are going to benefit from the defiance of allowing this evil sin and forever have its consequences.

Our sin produces punishment from God; we will beg His mercy because of the innocent blood shed through abortion. How many more ‘signs and wonders’ will you ignore [Acts 2:19]:

‘For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to DECEIVE, if possible, even the elect.’ [Matthew 24:24]

The beast who Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities are that lies in the beautiful dew soaked pasture, waits for the innocents that they would take their lives and the futures of their mothers. The beast makes sin and evil look not just pleasurable but acceptable. As prolife missionaries, we are the last line of defense for the deceived to show them the light that is Christ. We are boots on the ground soldiers of God to bring sense to a senseless abortion decision. Another soldier said it best: “These women come here with their baby already aborted in their minds.” NOLA Needs Peace Rally

‘Let them be ashamed who persecute me, but do not let me be put to shame; let them be dismayed, but do not let me be dismayed. Bring on them the day of doom, and destroy them with double destruction!’ [Jeremiah 17:18]

Prepare the way, Lord. 


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