2013-06-11 09.07.46Today started the Summer for Life at our abortion facility. It was terrific to see prolife teens come together to stand in the gap for LIFE. Many people came and hopefully they will come more often in the future. I believe that pre-abortive moms need to see people more their age as well as women my age who are typically there. I also believe more men need to be on the sidewalk to show that men don’t always have a choice, in fact many may never know until years later that their child was aborted without their knowledge. Just like an alcoholic falsely believes that they are affecting no one other than themselves, abortion affects an entire family for the many generations that will never be known because a pre-abortive mom took it upon herself to ‘fix’ a temporary situation with death.

As my usual custom, I pray that God will send someone to encourage us on the sidewalk. I am so glad He answered that prayer! Although bittersweet, a woman known as “Ashley’s friend” came to speak with us about her friend Ashley who was in the facility for her first visit. In this state, there is a mandatory 24 hour waiting period. Ashley’s friend is a born-again Christian that has been trying her best to change Ashley’s mind. And she spoke from experience: She mentioned to us that her grandparents took her at age 14 to the very same facility to abort. It is a decision that was made for her and one she abhors. However, 4 years later she became pregnant again and remembered the faithful witnesses that faithfully come to the sidewalk for the unborn and she chose LIFE for her daughter. She also utilized the pregnancy center across the street and showed off her daughter to them to thank them for what they did for her. We don’t know what Ashley will do, and we PRAY that she will choose life! But thank God for the encouraging words that Ashley’s friend shared with us about her situation! 2013-06-11 10.30.35

Unfortunately, the truck showed up. This truck picks up the aborted baby remains. Sigh. What a sight, a huge truck comes and picks up two red buckets of ‘medical waste’ or ‘biohazard’ that are sons and daughters of moms that left them in bits and pieces to be burned in an incinerator later. Just like that. No memorial, no words said, no NOTHING. Just death. And these people heft these heavy red bins without any sorrow, without any thought. It’s just a job to them, I guess – but it’s really about 30+ dead people being unceremoniously disposed of….LEGALLY. See the video below.

A day on the sidewalk is never without MUCH prayer and fellowship. It is the Church for the Unborn; it is a place where people can come to see what this world has done with God’s creation, made in His image, to be slain for the greatest of idols: MONEY & AGENDA.

But tomorrow is another day in the life of an unborn child that doesn’t know it is their last day. God help us all.

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