Have you paid attention during a football game that at times it isn’t about the plays and score, it’s about manipulating the clock? Well KUDOS to you, Miss Davis, you did a fine job of manipulation rather than push the abortion agenda [I said quite sarcastically]. It has not gone unnoticed that you even tried to manipulate protocol on the Senate floor. And you call this a victory?

Women like you, Miss Davis, manipulate when you are empty of truth and knowledge. The proof is in the timing.

This is an EPIC FAIL for anyone that ever regarded abortion as a right. What you have done, Miss Davis, is show that convolution of the issues instead of being forthright is what our young women need to know…after all, isn’t that how some of them got to the abortionist table?

However, even after all this, I do know that the women I’ll see on the sidewalk today have no idea what you did yesterday. They won’t know that what you did was really for yourself and not on behalf of any woman. They won’t know that you wore your pink tennies [cute touch] with respect to Planned Parenthood to relieve them of their ability to think for themselves.

Thanks again, Miss Davis, for thinking for us. After all, aren’t all us women too stupid to do that for ourselves?

But, hey….great game, Miss Davis! You and your like-minded cohorts will sleep better knowing that manipulation is greater than real information that real people can use for real situations that actually affect real people.

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