In these great United States of America, I have seen much in my 50+ years. But this insane appeal from all four corners to keep hatchet wielding butchers in business without being properly licensed or inspected as much as these same states do for NAIL SALONS is beyond me. And just to let you know, in nail salons NO ONE DIES. standwithunborntexaswomen

States needed to man-up and make better laws to truly protect a women in crisis and/or in a botched abortion. There is NOT ONE REASON that any anti-life person can give that should keep these storefront butchers free from the law. It is hypocritical to say this is not for “women’s health”. There is no excuse or justification to be against these new laws or their reasoning is what we’ve said all along…it’s all about being able to kill an unborn child for any reason at any time regardless of the safety of the mother.

Texas is a hotbed right now, and should be. Planned Parenthood and NARAL have PAID thousands of ‘people’ to chant, hate, debase, spit on and terrorize peaceful prolifers. It is these PAID SATANIC TERRORISTS that want abortion law so lax that pedophiles and pimps will not be reported or jailed. These are the same folks that protect identities of rapists of minors for the sake of legal baby killing AND THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.

Think of it this way…it’s sort of like an abortion mafia and old Cecile is the mob boss with the government in her pocket. But every boss has their Eliot Ness 🙂

From the Columbus Dispatch: Abortion opponents have secured wins in at least five states besides Ohio so far this year:

• In Indiana, Republican Gov. Mike Pence signed a law in May requiring doctors to perform an ultrasound before an abortion. Wisconsin state lawmakers are considering similar legislation.

• In Alabama, a law takes effect Monday requiring patients to undergo an examination before prescribing pills to end a pregnancy. It also requires physicians to ask minors for the name and age of a fetus’s father before performing an abortion, although the patient can decline.

• A Kansas law signed in April protects certain doctors from malpractice suits, even if they withhold information about birth defects that might have led the patient to choose an abortion. It also bars abortion providers from participating in public-school sex education.

• Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, a Republican, signed a bill in April requiring doctors to conduct pre- and post-examinations for women seeking abortion pills. Previously, women were allowed to get the pills via telemedicine.

• In South Dakota, a bill signed in March requires women to wait three days to make a decision after consulting with an abortion doctor, not including weekends or holidays.

See y’all in Austin! 

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