2013-07-08 09.27.42First, let me say that I did not get the chance to testify in the Texas Senate Committee because my group number was 5 and group 2 finished at 5:18pm. But I did quickly write some notes to testify and I also had my pocket Declaration of Independence|Constitution of the United States in hand (see photo), just in case; actually, I have it with me everywhere I go, along with my Bible. If nothing else, I was prepared for my predetermined 2 minutes of the Senate committee’s time.

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Yes, we came from Ohio to the Texas Statehouse…what could a woman from Ohio possibly say to the Texas Legislature when I don’t reside there? Well, you can say I have a vested interest in Texas politics: We have a granddaughter who will one day become a woman that resides in the great state of Texas. And like Gov. Palin, I am a Mama Grizzly when it comes to our granddaughters and their rights as LIFE GIVERS, not takers.

My Testimony:

Thank you for the opportunity to testify today in the great state of Texas. My name is Rev. Katherine Marple and I do not reside in Texas; however I came here from Ohio – driving 16 straight hours with two other women – to testify in my Texas-born ten-year-old granddaughter’s place in support of HB2. HB2 is a step in the right direction to protect her from the ABORTION AGENDA whose entities such as PLANNED PARENTHOOD and NARAL makes their MILLIONS lobbying for laws to take away my granddaughter’s right to reproduce without state intervention. We teach our children and grandchildren to be life-givers, not takers. And while she continues to be a resident of this great state, it is our intention to protect her with every bit of life-giving and life-affirming legislation that Texas offers.

Senators, I am post-abortive for 35 years. I grieve everyday over the life that I was forced to give up. At that time, I lived in a state that did not protect our children from being forced to abort – I had no voice to protect myself and my baby. It was bad enough that my own mother wouldn’t protect me, but the law was also on her side.

Roe v. Wade, no matter how you look at it, is law. It is BAD LAW, but law none the less written with the blood of over 56 MILLION lives lost thus far. The HB2 can help women and girls to think and rethink about the viability and humanity of their unborn child as well as their own safety in these killing chambers. Texas has more laws protecting patients in medical offices that perform colonoscopies and that is UNACCEPTABLE.

[taking off shoe, holding it up] Senators, these are MY SHOES, they pace peacefully on public sidewalks at abortion facilities to save lives, not take them. We are in a heated battle with very little provision wearing worn shoes, holding tattered Bibles and bringing the TRUTH of the ABORTION AGENDA to scared and defeated women and girls and their coercers.

Senators, the Bible says that we are commanded to “choose life, that both you and your descendants may live”. I am here in Texas to make sure that our granddaughter and others like her have the opportunity to GIVE life AND have descendants without the law telling her granddaughters that they are too young or too stupid to make the decision for LIFE.

Thank you Senators for the opportunity to testify this day in the great state of Texas for our family and other families whose goal is to protect their daughters and granddaughters from the ABORTION AGENDA.

2 thoughts on “My Testimony for HB2 in the Texas Senate Committee

  1. Amen! Go Katherine! The truth sets us free! God bless you abundantly. You and all of pro-life Texas are in my prayers.

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