Being post-abortive, I tolerated abortion because I DID NOTHING ABOUT IT. I hated abortion then as I do now, I abhorred the persons that lured and coerced me to abort. But sitting around acting like it never happened proved that I accepted abortion because I TOLERATED IT. Is that any different than a rape victim that doesn’t go to the police?

My toleration of abortion stopped in 2008, 30 years after my abortion. That is unacceptable. I wasted 30 years of my time I CAN’T GET BACK protecting everyone that forced me to abort, including an abortion-happy society and the liberal agenda to keep ‘undesirable’ people from being born while our borders have a revolving door on them.

Ohio has 12 licensed abortion clinics; 3 of which are Planned Parenthood ‘surgical’ facilities. A total of 28,123 abortions were reported in Ohio for 2010A total of 24,764 abortions were reported in Ohio for 2011. That’s 3,359 less abortions…3,359 LIVES SAVED…because of better laws and better life-affirming pregnancy centers. While I’m happy that 3,359 babies were saved from being torn apart while alive in the womb, it’s not enough. That is unacceptable…and tolerated.

While I appreciate Gov. Kasich prioritizing state money to those that do not perform abortions, that only took Planned Parenthood’s 3 abortion facilities out of the money loop. This still leaves access to all 12 abortion facilities for abortion. Now, I get why and how he did it – to shut down Planned Parenthood for what it is, NOT a health center – but that only shuts off money to those abortion facilities that got money for ‘reproductive health’ that included birth control to minors, LGBT counseling to children…all without a parent’s knowledge LEGALLY. That is unacceptable…and tolerated.

While we were in Texas last week, we were a part of a sea of BLUE that will not tolerate abortion anymore. Texas and Gov. Perry has said that abortion is not welcome, accepted or TOLERATED. We have become a nation of TOLERANCE that will accept anything but the TRUTH. The facts are clear: The Abortion Agenda PAID people to terrorize the Texas Statehouse and those of us in blue…PAID. While they were paid, we were CALLED. I witnessed OLD MEN at the Statehouse that were there alone for abortion rights????? That’s just CREEPY…again, PAID TERRORISTS that brought bricks, guns, urine, feces, glitter and confetti. That is unacceptable and no longer tolerated.

I suppose, if nothing else, that all of this proves that we tolerate what we will not stand for. It took me many years to get off the couch of tolerance. It’s time for YOU to stop tolerating and start a life in Christ that will set you free from a lifetime of guilt, shame and tears. And I promise you….IT’S WORTH IT.

I have been accepted, not tolerated…by a risen Savior who died for me:

“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

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