A woman I respect said something incredibly profound: ‘We need to bring back SHAME.’ I couldn’t agree more. The pride of entitlement is filthy and crude. We see much of this shamelessness on the sidewalk.

Tuesday is Death Truck day. That is the day when the aborted remains of human babies are picked up by the ‘medical waste’ truck. Even 35 years later I am still shocked, ashamed and grieved when I see a truck that was my aborted baby’s hearse.

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I am one for the ‘shock value’ of things because the attitude of people today is one of disregard and ambivalence. When I was in the secular workplace it’s tough getting anyone’s attention long enough to do my job in sales. And if you can get their attention they don’t want to hear the truth, they want to hear someone agree with them. Entitlement and privilege has replaced TRUTH.

Entitlement and privilege does not recognize shame or the shock of it. I can’t tell you how many times pre-abortive women and men have walked past that truck with complete disregard KNOWING that their unborn child is about to become ‘medical waste’ and that truck about to be the baby’s hearse. No shock, no tears, just ‘entitlement and privilege’.

Now, to be fair (kind of) I was not aware of such things when I had my abortion BECAUSE NO ONE TOLD ME. I had to find out about shame all on my own. The shock of knowing I killed my own unborn baby still resounds in me. But today on the sidewalk, there is only ‘entitlement and privilege’.

Do I justify my abortion by saying I didn’t know? Of course not, I don’t justify sin but I will say that if someone had told me the TRUTH about abortion I would have made the better decision. But today people don’t think in those terms, they are still wallowing in ‘entitlement and privilege’ that the media and government provides at a cost to every conservative and Christian.

5 thoughts on “SIDEWALK CHRONICLES: Entitlement and Privilege

  1. That was extremely difficult to watch. These truck employees are so nonchalant and casual about the grisly cargo they are being paid to transport. We have stericycle up here.
    Does the brochure tell the pre-abortive that their post-abortive torn-apart baby will be unceremoniously bagged and tagged, treated as garbage, and then incinerated?????? It takes a village to kill an unborn baby. This biohazard company is complicit as well, their consciences obviously seared with a hot iron.

    Lord Jesus help us.

  2. A young pre-abortive couple was walking right past that truck, I told them what it was doing there…picking up the dead remains of aborted babies…and they were not the least bit moved.

  3. Not in the least bit moved? Wow! What has happened to this country? So dumbed down and lobotomized on this issue by their schools, tv, music, media, universities, etc., the marketing of this evil–it doesn’t even phase them… Wow…

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