I watched this video a number of times and still came away with how GULLIBLE pro-aborts and pro-choicers are…or are they? Since I’ve had my children, a new ‘trimester’ has been unofficially added to pregnancy even though it is not scientifically correct. A pregnancy has THREE trimesters in the womb and now a fourth trimester outside of the womb? Even in the abstract, this is ridiculous. Babies, since the moment of CONCEPTION, grow and develop not just throughout pregnancy, but their entire lives until natural death.

However, the EVIL hearts of these pro-aborts and pro-choicers in the video still want a chance to kill their own babies, even outside of the womb for any reason…kind of like ‘buyers remorse’: Then is this the new 4th trimester or AFTER BIRTH ABORTIONIs it fact or fiction? You’d have to ask the funders of the Abortion Agenda, our current administration. I would not doubt for one minute that this is considered.

Even assuming these students are not aware of Planned Parenthood lobbying for ‘after birth abortion rights‘, there were still fourteen signatures in one hour at a major university….and these university students who are considered our ‘future’ did not know there isn’t an actual 4th trimester of pregnancy, only in theory.

Even though the videographer was trying to prove a point [not based on fact], it shows the evil hearts of young people that are destined to be the future of the United States. This video also shows how ignorant our kids really are. Parents paying for this abysmal ‘higher’ education ought to be GRIEVED, the rest of us should be SCARED TO DEATH FOR AMERICA.

7 thoughts on “GULLIBLE OR EVIL: 4th Trimester Abortions?

  1. That is unbelievable. It was only a matter of time. It all started with the first trimester and people saying it would never go so far that actual born children would be aborted. Well…after enough time expanding the length of preganancy where abortion is allowed, we’re here.

    Thanks a lot for your blog and keeping these things before us. You’re story is an inspiration.

  2. How about adding plain ignorance in!!!! Some of them really just seem so clueless to what they are even talking about. It is like, if it is something to do with PP and they support it, it must be okay and yet they know nothing!!! What are our children learning? Anything? God bless!

  3. I’ve seen this before and after watching this again, I still say the same ” it is atrocious”. It is scary and sad at the same time. Hopefully, when the world got more evil,(and it will) I would no longer be around to see and live in it. These students are the future of the nation? What tragedy.

    Jesus come soon.

    BTW, He also asked people to sign a petition to euthanize senior people and some said yes to it. WOW.

    A peak to the gloomy future..

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