The “don’t jump” scenario is just one of many that I use as an example to show what we do on the sidewalk. This was the brainchild of a newly post-abortive woman’s attack on my 35 year post-abortive trek. It’s not that I’m not used to being lampooned and laughed at by prochoice demons, this was an outright attack on my personal grief. No flies on them, It’s what motivated my ministry to what it is today.2013-06-28 13.04.23

Just as the woman on the roof is looking down and about to jump TO, not FROM the rest  of her life, I also know the sinking feeling of what I was about to do WILL injure me and may kill me. But jumped I did, to my utter pre-paid detriment, I stepped off the edge of the two story building with my coercers nodding in agreement, not caring how broken I will be for the rest of my life. Their collective sigh of relief that my baby would not upset their lives was deafening. And shame on me for trying to keep other jumpers from having the same grief, guilt and shame? NO, shame on me for not telling you about the humanity of your precious unborn  baby.

God has directed KeepLifeLegal to be on the sidewalk and in the Statehouse. We have the AUDACITY to show the humanity of unborn children – I recently saw a sign in the New Mexico Statehouse that said:  ‘Prolife is the radical idea that babies are people.’ Yes, people. 

My dear jumper, unborn babies are PEOPLE! Not puppies, not guppies…but PEOPLE. You are about to take this leap of prochoice faith to kill your unborn child and trusting in them to believe that you will not be injured or broken. Tell me this: When you find out that they lied to you about your baby, what will you do?

OBSERVATION: Dear Prochoicers…Don’t bother telling me the tired unscientific ‘study’ of how post-abortive women are happy and without grief. Believing the LIE doesn’t make it not a lie…only singularly justifiable to kill.

DON’T JUMP…it hurts when you fall.


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