Have you talked to your children about abortion? Many parents assume kids already know about drugs and sex…and they do, but not the truth ESPECIALLY the consequences. I wonder how many tweens and teens really know about relationships, sex and abortion? This agnostic approach to parenting is creating a race of people that has no opinion because they don’t know the facts.

Does your church preach or teach about abortion? Too many churches leave that up to the parishioner and stay out of it. That’s like telling your kids to parent themselves. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening to our kids…absent parents and an absent church lets these kids run with scissors – and we wonder why there is so much abortion, drug addiction and sexually active children.

We have become a nation of people that has become agnostic about everything, including LIFE. If parents were…PARENTS…would there be this much abortion? Parenting has been left up to the media and government because everyone is too busy with their own selfish lives to pay attention.

One such parent got a huge dose of reality. 

On the sidewalk yesterday, a man comes up to our veteran sidewalk counselor asking if she has seen his daughter. He explains that there was a charge made to his credit card from the abortion facility BY HIS MINOR DAUGHTER without his permission or knowledge. In this state there is a 24 hour waiting period AND parental notification for minors, at least one parent. The man said that his wife, the daughter’s mother, is in a state over 1000 miles away….so here’s the poser: Who signed for the girl to abort her unborn child?

When I’m on the sidewalk, I warn the pre-abortive moms [especially the young impressionable ones] and their coercers that the reason why you have to go back to your car is because no cell phones are allowed. WHY, I’m sure you’re asking….it is to keep a device capable of recording, calling or videoing ANYTHING in the abortion facility. HOWEVER…it is also to keep people outside of the abortion facility from calling the pre-abortive moms and talk them out of aborting.

This frantic dad could not reach his daughter in the abortion facility by phone BY DESIGN.

The frantic dad was not allowed in the abortion facility to find his minor daughter….NOT ALLOWED!!! BUTCHERS! They’ll take his money but not let him in to see that his money paid for the murder of his own grandchild?

The moral of the story is this: If this frantic dad knew his minor daughter better, this abortion may not have ever happened.

When the Church and parents drops the ball, the Government WINS. We are allowing the government in our homes with funded birth control and abortion because we are agnostic about LIFE. Be proactive, be aware and KeepLifeLegal for ALL!

5 thoughts on “The Agnostic Life of LIFE

  1. Ugghhh!!! My blood pressure just spiked reading this.
    In my family, the a-word was never brought up. My parents, tired from working and paying for multiple tuitions for the universities of higher indoctrination, DID NOT KNOW that their children were being taught liberal sex ed, including the wonders of abortion, as EARLY as 7th grade.

    My elderly father was aghast, for the first time last year, realizing that abortion was taught to his own 2 daughters in the public schools. I made him talk about this subject, adult to adult. He told me he never knew this. What you don’t know CAN hurt you…

  2. Exactly right. I was never taught one thing about abortion by parents or school, and church assumed you knew. Can you imagine what it would’ve been like if we had the intetnet then?

  3. Every kid walking into PP and the like should have to watch the video on Lila Rose’s site. Should have listen to at least 5 Silent No More Awareness testimonies.

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