KeepLifeLegal is not part of a ‘movement’…it is a MINISTRY. We are boots on the ground soldiers of the Faith on the front lines of the WAR ON LIFE. Personally, I believe that ‘movements’ belong in the bathroom.

That being said….

box of rocks1Interestingly, the Prochoice Movement loves to whine about how prolifers scream at people and judge them. For instance, today on the sidewalk a person that should be watching how he’s driving a 4000 pound automobile in traffic found it irresistible to scream AT us waving his middle finger: “Go f*** yourself, you c***”. Well, if that isn’t the LOVE of the Prochoice Movement. I do believe I was JUDGED.

God never said answering the call would be pretty. Anyway…

Dear Prochoice ‘Movement’: The SO-CALLED ‘war on women’ is a farce at it’s highest. If it were not, then why would the NYT say, “Medical abortion is the ultimate in women’s reproductive empowerment and personal privacy.” EMPOWERMENT. Women seek to be more than men and equal or better than GOD. Call it a war all you want, but all it will ever be is women being used by a liberal agenda to further their own cause, not yours. No flies on you.

Go ahead and create your own little ‘war’ to distract what is  really happening: A WAR ON LIFE. Killing unborn babies makes women cowards, not better women.


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