Today we had a prochoice/proabort show up on the sidewalk with us. She had a sign that read ‘My Body, My Choice’. Terrific…especially with skin tight jeans and a bikini top on a very busy street in the middle of the day. Of course, instead of taking the high road and come there with solid arguments and real information for women, she belittled her own cause using sex as the answer to the abortion question.

I did say hello and that she has EVERY right to be on the same sidewalk with me, we both enjoy a Constitutional right to free speech in America. But I posed this:

“Real women with real problems come to this abortion facility. You call prolifers hypocrites, but do you offer real solutions to their very real problem? That woman there, she may not be able to pay her electric bill and found out she’s pregnant…are you going to pay her bill? The woman over there, she can’t pay her rent and is about to be on the street and found out she’s pregnant….are you going to pay her rent? WHY IS ABORTION THE ANSWER? Where are your real world solutions to real world problems?”

While she stood on a busy street half dressed, real women are coming out of an abortion facility on the day they kill the bigger babies, grief stricken. They are utterly defeated and literally empty. But where are the prochoicers/proaborts? Why aren’t they there to comfort them? Didn’t the prochoicer/proabort see the decrepit run-down cars in the lot, or the ones that limped in on their last leg while she was there? Instead, she enjoyed the attention of being half dressed. I wonder if she realizes that a lot of these women come the the abortion facility on the bus…and stand at the bus stop in the raging heat, freezing cold or pelting rain right after their abortion waiting to go home. They don’t offer a ride….just abortion.

Will they be there to pick up the pieces? Will they help them pay bills to get a fresh start? WHAT ARE THEIR SOLUTIONS TO THE VERY REAL PROBLEMS? They have none. They love to come to the sidewalk for the attention, to bully prolifers and intimidate. That’s all…no solutions, no nothing.

I will give this prochoice/proabort girl a little credit…at least she showed up to plead her cause. No one else ever does. Prochoicers/proaborts love to hide behind computers and puke up their opinions with no action like a rabid pit bull on a leash. If it’s cold, rainy or too hot….well, you get the picture. They are a fair-weather sort.

I finished my short conversation with her wishing her Jesus. I hope that one day she’ll remembered that a prolifer offered her a real CHOICE…eternal life with Jesus Christ.


8 thoughts on “SIDEWALK CHRONICLES: The Prochoice Hypocrite

  1. “My body, my choice”–nothing new under the sun there… Wow, so creative (cough, 1970’s)… This woman is likely post-abortive and has no clue how to cope with that. You are right to pray, because what she is promoting is death and harm for others.

  2. *To the hater/bully that just tried to tell me off: Let me enlighten you…ABORTION KILLS UNBORN CHILDREN. And you and your prochoice/proabort AGENDA have NO actual help for any of these defeated women other than killing their unborn child. Somehow, abortion fixes everything! It’s a MIRACLE! Rent is PAID, bills are PAID, the car runs and the fridge is FULL!!!! The snake oil you try to sell looks a heck of lot like the word CHOICE. Troll someone else, I actually have a LIFE that saves LIVES.

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