If you want to be the new Prolife social media sensation, just mention HATE, BULLY, HYPOCRITE and PROCHOICE in the same sentence. How appropriate that a baby killing society would consider a lowly prolifer to be a threat to their idealistic way of pseudo life. The intimidation is amazing from the social justice lefties. But isn’t it something to see how these self appointeed idols want to save the world but not the tiny life in the womb.


Seemingly, it’s a one hit wonder to them, us prolifers. But the truth is that in the end, which is coming rapidly, will determine who’s right and who’s wrong. Let me be clear: If you do not know Jesus Christ as Savior, you are heading in the wrong direction. Your misdirection can hurt you.


Why hate prolifers and the unborn? Why fight to the bitter end to kill? How are you different than Baby Doc or Idi Amin? You young ones will need to look that up.


I asked a prochoicer what she’ll do for the real women that come and go at the abortion facility. Crickets. That’s right…bully your way through a crowd to be noticed but have no solutions or even substance. You have nothing to fall back on but other bullies that want to torment women with abortion and grief. How typical of prochoicers to believe a lie that makes themselves seem powerful. My power comes from the Holy Spirit, not Wendy Davis or Cecile Richards.

Be inspired today, see that your way is not the way of polite society. No matter how you think you see it, my dear prochoicer, ABORTION KILLS UNBORN CHILDREN. Every time.

Right now, I’m in a coffee shop and a dad brings in his little girl, a toddler, for a daddy-daughter date. They chat and eat their doughnuts, she seems so happy to have his total attention; she giggles and he pretends he understands her baby chatter. It’s beautiful, it’s heartwarming, it’s as if time stood still for just a minute. If her mother was ever abortion minded and you had your way, this moment would not be happening right now.

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4 thoughts on “The New Prolife Media Sensatìon

  1. I won’t watch a Hollywood film, buy a magazine about celebrities, and boycott many companies… Won’t watch most TV… Because almost all are pro-abort. The last movie my husband took me to starred Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd-2 Hollywood pro-aborts. I let out an audible groan that could be heard throughout the theater when the starring credits came on. As usual, it was stupid and inane, and wasted $24 we’ll never see again. Being pro-life impacts every aspect of my life. I consider many “pro-choicers” like rabid dogs encircling their prey. I don’t want to support what they do…

  2. Super loud crickets, the sound of wind and tumbleweeds blowing, when you try to explain to your super-feminist humanist sister that this abortion (which she took part in) hurt physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her response: I should be proud that 1) I had the courage to do this 2) that I did my part for population control, since our brothers exceeded their “replacement rate” by one baby each.

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