The Prochoice rhetoric and fanatical screeching at a pitch not heard by human ears is beyond EXHILARATING! It makes me WANT to go to the sidewalk OFTEN. But to their utter amazement, what they say and do does not make me mad; it does not deter me. Never. It gives me the amped up racing fuel that careens through my veins. LOVE IT!


Now, while the disdain of the Prochoicer does give me a power surge to EXPOSE THE ABORTION AGENDA, it’s the power of the Holy Spirit that fills me to overflowing to do what God has purposed me to do: Take this GOSPEL MISSION to the sidewalks of abortion facilities.

Of course, Prochoicers have not one idea of what that means because they do not know Jesus Christ as Savior…they have no burden for the lost and forgotten, only themselves. The 3:3 Project is THE gospel mission brought to the sidewalk expressing the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to the lost and backslidden, to pre-abortive women & men and their coercers.

Prochoicers forsake the unborn for choice. Prolifers forsake their own lives for those that have no choice. Prolifers are not a trend, we are sidewalk counselors, soldiers and pastors you hate to see but wished you talked to.

…and BTW, we do care about you and love you enough to tell you that you are wrong and if you don’t repent and ask God to forgive you, I probably won’t see you in Heaven. And THAT breaks my heart.

Jesus answered and said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

4 thoughts on “I LOVE PROCHOICE BLOGS. No, really.

  1. Katherine, I wish I had your strength. What pro-aborts write about unborn babies is sickening to me. I never knew this mindset existed until the internet. So many of the pre-abortive have no clue what they are getting themselves into. Pro-life free speech is decimated by sanctimonious humanist “social justice” Unitarian Universalists when you try to tell the truth to often scared, misinformed and lied to pre-abortive. Then they (UU’s) get in their parades and dress as angels, carrying a “love” sign and pass the offering plate for Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, the Stericycle truck makes its pickups…

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