BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT OCTOBER IS DOWN SYNDROME AWARENESS MONTH. 92% of unborn children diagnosed with Downs will be aborted….’pink’ can take a break from focusing on women’s breasts, which is part of the sexualization of our girls and women, and refocus ‘pink’ buying power on those that support the lives of our sweet unborn. I, and MANY others are taking a stand this month by NOT BUYING ANYTHING SWATHED IN PINK.

I HATE PINK. It’s as if the entire world has been bathed in Pepto for the month of October. Football players, refs, coaches and entire stadiums are Pepto-ized. Women in pink t-shirts hand out pamphlets to football fans entering the stadiums. Car dealerships and other businesses are Pepto-ed. But let me tell you how I really feel about it…

Everyone has been touched by cancer whether personally or a family member. But that is not a defense, that is an observation. There is no excuse to inundate the American public with PINK when all other cancers are hardly mentioned and NEVER championed like breast cancer. Isn’t that…odd?

Did you know that September is Prostate Awareness Month? NEITHER DID I…..because I didn’t see a wave of blue prostate cancer ribbons and t-shirts anywhere. According to the Center for Disease Control, prostate cancer affects 152.7 men per 100K, breast cancer affects 121…

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