Today on the sidewalk we witnessed a woman being helped to her car after her abortion. She was ashen, shaken and in great pain. She shuffled gingerly to her car with her coercer’s help; it was raining and it was cold. IN THE RAIN

Today is late-term day at the facility, up to 20 weeks in this state and even longer for the ‘exception’ cases. No one told this woman that her baby would be pulled out of her womb one piece at a time; in fact she still looked noticeably pregnant. No one told her that the abortion would be this painful.

No one told her that she is now a member of The Post Abortion Apocalypse….over 50 MILLION STRONG and climbing, not including post-abortive dads.

Pro?The sidewalk is an interesting place, it tells a story…actually, many stories of death, despair and anguish. When the prochoicers do show up, they usually come on bright sunny days, ALWAYS after noontime. They never darken the sidewalk on the entrance side where childless moms come out after their baby was just aborted, they like the busy street side where they get attention. 

I asked one such prochoicer…”What are you going to do for these now post-abortive women you see walking out of the facility? Have you considered what you’ll tell a woman that just killed her baby? Will you have an answer? You mention that prolifers need to adopt all of their unwanted babies…but will you pick up the pieces when she cries at night for her dead baby?”

It’s real big of prochoicers to come out to attack peaceful vigils with absolutely NO regard for what these women will go through AFTER the procedure. Choice is ugly and neglectful. They have no real aftercare for post abortive women because they can’t take the stigma of unborn child death.

Recently, the abortionist’s other facility lost its license. We’re hoping for the same at this one, but until then broken women will continue to abort. Abortionists don’t quit until the door is padlocked and all avenues of variances and appeals are in their final resting place. Too many abortion facilities have been told to close but continue to kill while prostituting the system, even in red states. There is a false sense of security in ‘red states’, the facility I mentioned above is in a ‘red state’ and continues to kill 29K babies per year. Neighboring states are keeping to their promise of shuttering their abortion facilities, forcing our abortion numbers to go up this last year.

Yes, it's much like chewing off your own foot.
Yes, it’s much like chewing off your own foot.

Thanks to abortionists all over the United States, the Post Abortion Apocalypse leaves us with women and men that regret and lament their CHOICE to abort. Abortion kills and does not support or care for the now childless parents. NOT ONE abortion facility offers long-term post abortion counselling…NOT ONE. Grief can take a lifetime to overcome, women suffer in silence.

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