I’ll start off with what prochoicers call ‘urban legend‘, stories that resurface every now and then to new ears. Now, either prochoicers will say that it was a ONE TIME instance [which I am about to debunk] OR it’s an outright lie. Here’s the copy of the affidavit from a fellow prolifer. In part, this is what is meant by the “Abortion Disposal“:

“At the end of the workday, Dr. James J Parks the owner of the Mayfair Women’s Center demonstrated to me this method of fetal disposal. We went into a utility room that was used for such things as sterilizing instruments. On the counter top were several white plastic buckets, each containing fetuses from about 15 to 22 weeks size. Dr. Parks reached up to a shelf and brought down several pieces of metal that were parts of a meat grinder and placed them on the counter. Next, he assembled the grinder and clamped it to the counter top. As I looked at the grinder, I realized that it was very old and resembled the same meat grinder my mother used years ago to grind meat into hamburger meat. Dr. Parks then began to empty each bucket into the hopper on top of the grinder, and with his left hand pressed the fetal tissue down into the hopper as he turned the handle with his right hand, grinding the tissue. As he did this the tissue oozed out of the end of the grinder like multiple tubes of pink toothpaste. Though I have seen many disturbing and unsightly things in my 20 years of medical experience, I was not prepared for this. I became instantly nauseated and vomited. All the fetuses were ground into a large bucket, he dumped the contents into the sink and washed it down the sink with water.”

This happened in an abortion facility in Colorado over 20 years ago in the Mayfield Women’s Center, read about James Parks on their current site. Incredible how they forget the TRUTH. AND as it happens, this modern day ‘Dr. Frankenstein’ was harvesting and selling aborted baby organs, an article said.

NOT URBAN LEGEND: I went to an abortion facility last May to witness with other prolifers and met a man that told a similar story of an ‘Abortion Disposal‘. About 25 years ago, this man was a plumber and was sent to a job to unclog a drain at an abortion facility that is now closed. When he got there he saw BLOOD everywhere, backing up from the drain in the floor. He was told that the garbage disposal in the sink got jammed up and caused the clog from aborted baby body parts. Since that day, this man reacquainted himself with his Faith and has been on the sidewalk ever since for LIFE.

While these ‘doctors’ kind of disappeared in to the sunset, others are in plain view. An abortion facility in Cleveland shut down after NUMEROUS health violations. Martin Ruddock has been one of those that the word ‘notorious’ was made for. Like most abortionists, he feels he is above the law:

In 2006, The Ohio Department of Health ordered Ruddock’s abortion clinic close due to “over a dozen code violations.” The Center for Women’s Health in Cleveland was informed that its license would not be renewed after inspectors discovered that the clinic was not meeting even the most rudimentary of standards, such as taking a patient’s temperature and blood pressure before risky late-term abortion surgeries. Read the rest here.

GEOGRAPHY: In 2006 they tried to close this guy down…but it took another 7 YEARS! In 2013 Martin Ruddock’s abortion facility was finally CLOSED for ABORTION BUSINESS. You would think that since he had been essentially run out the abortion business in Ohio that he would be ‘retired’? NOT A CHANCE. He has been licensed in the state of MICHIGAN in FOUR ABORTION FACILITIES. See Martin Ruddock’s violations here.

That brings us to ‘Divine Appointments‘. In each of these stories there have been men and women standing in the gap to save unborn life AND the lives of the moms. Abortionists are interested in profit, not ‘womens rights’ or ‘reproductive health’. I have yet to see an abortionist drive a car that emulates their clientele.

graphiccarabortionAnd with regard to the abortion industry, some standards of ‘care’ have changed, but only the geography of it. Now medical waste trucks pick up aborted babies, at my local facility that’s EVERY TUESDAY. The remains of aborted babies are taken away in red biohazard bins to be disposed of elsewhere.

Teflon Don of AbortionMartin Haskell’s Cincinnati abortion facility has lost its variances and appeals. He has days to apply federally or close…or both. He has other facilities that are still open for abortion business which means all he will do is change the geography to continue to kill unborn babies for profit.

Until Haskell is closed and Ruddock is shut down, we have to stand in the gap, standing for LIFE on the sidewalk of the facilities they use to kill. Life brings all of us to the sidewalk, our Faith shows us that we have appointments made by God to pray and witness for Him to the backslidden and lost that are choosing to end the life of their unborn babies. No one else will tell them the truth of the life within them…their own and their baby’s. We have a responsibility to SHOW UP peacefully, boots on the ground ready for battle with the darkness that resides on the other side of the property line. For the faithful, this is not hard but it isn’t easy.

With whatever the circumstances are, every pre-abortive mom and their coercers are there for one reason: To pay an abortionist to take their temporary problem away. Death is forever, which I know firsthand. There are no take-backs, no do-overs. Dead is dead, and the tiny unsuspecting baby is not the only victim; there is still one wounded, forever.

Consider what God has directed you to do for the lives of the unborn. This is a divine appointment you need to keep. When there is no regard for the lives of unborn babies, we have gone into a darkness that only Jesus Christ can enlighten.

Keep that appointment! SEE YOU ON THE SIDEWALK!

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