Being part of a Ministry, a decision has been made that you believe in their tenets and vision. That being said, lots of Evangelical Christians are being railroaded into sub-sects of borderline Christianity and may not know it. I was privileged to be a part of a ministry that taught the Bible, not opinion. And with that, because the TRUTH of the Bible was taught, my discernment of fad religions and false religions are spot on.

40 Days for LIFE

Most prolifers identify with particular religions or ideologies. For instance, I am an Evangelical Christian: Salvation by Faith, not works. However, those of us who are Evangelical Prolifers are seeing a growing and disturbing trend – the return of Calvinism.

The reason why I am explaining this is because I have been chastised, criticized and even shunned because I participate in 40 Days for Life since Catholics also participate heavily. And kudos to them for showing up because I’m not seeing much of the other.

Getting to my point: The main agitators of this aren’t just other Evangelicals at all…they are followers of John Calvin, or Calvinists, that base their belief in a works based religion not GRACE. And this ‘infiltration’ into Prolife has kind of sneaked in using the words and works of John Piper [Desiring God], John MacArthur [Grace to You], Paul Washer [HeartCry], Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, Mark Driscoll, Charles Spurgeon and others. Interestingly, even though they believe in predesination [as to salvation] they are ardent prolifers. Figure that one out.

I believe that this new wave of Calvinism has created a hatred for other people that have the guts TO show up on the sidewalk that do not agree with their doctrine. I do not agree with their tactic or ‘show’. Saving the unborn is for everyone to pray and intercede for, not just the ELECT.

I will forever be bound with 40 Days for LIFE because they were there for me…and they had no idea if I was Evangelical or whatever. God Bless them.

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