Veterans Day is observed for our service men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice for their deep love of freedom in the United States of America. We do not take this lightly, most of us have relatives or have personally fought to keep our freedoms free and our soil protected.Pray to end abortion.

Imagine going to your job everyday knowing it could be your last, and you did it WILLINGLY.

The Silent War is killing people that never saw it coming. There was no willingness, only expectation of death.

The Silent War on our own unborn has tallied many deaths on our home soil and it protected no one. Isn’t war meant to keep the weak and underserved protected? The Silent War is TARGETING the weakest and the most underserved in this nation. This war has made millions more in sacrificial deaths than all wars combined. We have no national memorial, no special day…just silent death from a silent war that no one will admit is killing Americans daily; these murderers are not foreign insurgents, they are legally protected by our government.

Precious lives will be lost today overseas and in the United States; the Silent War will kill at least 4000 people today and about 1.5 MILLION this year alone.

While I have relatives that served our country during wartime, I also served here on American soil in the ongoing Silent War.

I am a veteran of the Silent War, like millions of other women and men that succumbed to bad law and coercement. Like other victims of this horrific war, I am reminded everyday of the lives taken in this ignored war. PTSD is not taken lightly or passed off as a flashback; it is as real as the day that my baby’s life was taken.

Yes, war is hell.

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