Anyone that’s been on the sidewalk of an abortion FACILITY knows that it is a death chamber, not a ‘health clinic’. People associate ‘clinic’ with ‘health’ not DEATH…except with abortion. Would you not think it reasonable that if two people go in and only one comes out alive, then that is NOT a ‘health clinic’? Killing one or both does not constitute a reasonable definition of what a ‘health clinic’ is.

MYTH BUSTED: An abortion facility is NOT a women’s health clinic.

IRONYA recent blog post called an abortion facility ‘a real clinic’ as opposed to pregnancy centers that oppose baby killing. And they call themselves ‘health clinics’? Interestingly, Planned Parenthood calls their killing places ‘health centers’, not clinics. Perhaps they are truly telling what they do outloud…NOT a clinic that promotes life but uplifts the selfishness of women that seek ways to continue horrific lifestyles without apology or shame. The abortion FACILITY that we witness at has a real clinic next door as well. They offer real choices and LIFE to both mother and child. There are no exceptions or ridicule. Just LIFE.

A couple of weeks ago, a ‘mother’ brought her daughter in to kill her own grandchild. But being not so bright, she forgot to pull off the stickers on her back window that showed what school she went to and the little megaphone was proof she was a cheerleader in a very nice part of town. And now she’s the mother of a dead baby that she did not protect. CLINIC or planned execution?

My Pastor husband was asked why he goes to the abortion facility’s sidewalk to witness and not to bars and clubs like some other ministries do. And by the way, I agree with street witnessing…but he remarked people that go in and out of bars/clubs do so because they made a [bad] choice to; the unborn baby has absolutely no choice with their planned execution.

IF YOU DON’T SEE THE ARMY YOU’LL NEVER KNOW THERE IS A WAR. Get on the sidewalk, PRAY…but most of all SHOW UP. Abortion facilities close when good legislation is passed WITH outloud public awareness which affects the abortionists wallet. No money closes facilities.

A DOSE OF TRUTH: A precious video of a little boy talking about why God created Grandmas, said this: “If she wouldn’t be in this earth, I wouldn’t be in this earth.” A little boy understood that if his Grandma wasn’t born, neither would he.

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