SETTING PRECEDENT: A man will serve life in prison for murdering an unborn baby. Yes, you read that right…a man hit a woman in the stomach hard enough to end the life of the baby within her. In case you didn’t understand, A MAN PURPOSELY EXECUTED AN UNBORN BABY AND IS FOUND GUILTY OF MURDER.

No matter how you wiggle around it, abortionists do this every day and call it a JOB. But murder is murder no matter how you package it.

A recent story in Ohio reads [Beacon Journal staff report]:

An Akron man pleaded guilty Monday to murder and other charges for attacking his girlfriend and their 4-year-old son in June after learning the woman was pregnant again.

Tyvon D. Ward, 22, of East Emerling Street, pleaded guilty to murder, felonious assault and endangering children. Summit County Common Pleas Court Judge Lynne Callahan sentenced Ward to life in prison.

Authorities say the case stems from a violent rampage on June 20 when Ward learned that one of his girlfriends was 34 weeks pregnant.

He attacked their 4-year-old son, throwing him around the room. A few hours later he assaulted the girlfriend, punching her in the stomach and face.

The next day the woman was in pain and began bleeding. The baby died as a result of the attack.

Authorities say while the woman was in the hospital, Ward and another girlfriend left the severely injured 4-year-old son home alone.

When Akron police went to Ward’s home to question him about his girlfriend’s injuries, they discovered the boy home alone lying on the carpet.

The child was taken to Akron Children’s Hospital, where he was diagnosed with fractures to the face from the previous day’s attack.

Ward will first be eligible for parole in 20 years.

A reader said: “So it is murder to kill the unborn, unless you are the mother, interesting.”

I realize the confusion and I will attempt to try and explain this. In the state of Ohio, nearly 30K unborn children were aborted last year….THIRTY THOUSAND. As in the recent murder case, the child in question had no choice in the matter and was murdered by the choice of the murderer DUE to the unborn baby’s location: THE WOMB. How is this case different than abortion?

INTENT. There…I just unlocked the door with a key called INTENT. Intent is how cases are won and lost. BUT this does NOT change the fact that there was INTENT to kill in this case as well as what happens in every abortion facility in this country. You cannot separate the fact that death will be the result from both scenarios.

To change Roe, we have to have a case that sets precedent and proves intent to the Supreme Court, cases such as this.

3 thoughts on “LIFE is Proven Viable Within the Womb

  1. The biggest irony, for me is that fundamentalist anti-abortionists tend to be the most hard line proponents of absolute property rights imaginable. Some go as far as to claim that public schooling violates eighth commandment since it involves involuntary taxation (since state has to “steal” money from people in order to run public schools). But if house is property then so is the womb. If I can legally kick out a squatter even if I know that he will die without shelter, then the same goes about unwanted fetus in the womb. After all fetuses do nothing but steal other person’s resources all day.

    Basically I don’t see removal of fetus as murder. I see it as eviction from property.

    Catholic Church may be problematic in many ways but at least they are consistent. They generally aren’t extreme on property rights and are OK with government assistance to the poor. Sometimes they also support environmentalism even if it means bigger taxes, so one can theoretically extend that regulation to the womb.

    But the whole idea of economic and environmental stewardship is utterly absent from the most of evangelical Christianity. The only type of stewardship that most of them recognize is forced birth at any price. And then you ask why did God allow Obama to win twice.

  2. God allowed that to happen because of our disobedience of 60+ million lives lost to abortion.

    I really feel bad for your hopelessness but God can restore you! I was once like you: obstinate, obtuse and futile.

    Your arguments are too pathetic to address. Women are life-givers, not the life of the party.

    God bless.

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