The Roe v. Wade decision turned 41 this past January. That’s 41 years of legal murder of unborn Americans. Usually when I tell people what we do we are instantly bombarded with “what about rape, incest, health of the mother and abnormalities?” In the prolife movement and politics that is  the ‘exception case’ – these cases are usually less than 1% of all abortions but they are the basis for every pro-abortion law. No one should have to die for being imperfect, for the father’s crime or inconvenience, but over 4000 unborn Americans die every day.

To bring this into perspective, on Sept 11 more Americans died that day from from abortion than from the terror attack. The twin tower massacre was a one day event and less than 3000 died. ONE DAY EVENT.

TRUTHFor us personally, in 2005 we had recently moved to a southern city and I was on my way to work when I noticed a man pacing back and forth holding a huge cross. He was alone. The next day he was there and the day after that. That’s when I realized there was an abortion facility there. The image of him haunted me because I am post-abortive. It took another 3 years for me to answer the call that God gave to go into prolife ministry.

You see, every post-abortive woman has a story – a testimony filled with anguish, despair. You can read my story here, but let me give you an example from a program I saw on television just last week…it’s a portrait of what the generational curse really is: following and leading by the example set by the people you trust the most: FAMILY.

I recently saw a PBS film about author and feminist activist Alice Walker, she is the author of many books but is best known for ‘The Color Purple’. I did not know anything about this author or her life until I saw this program. She mentioned that her grandfathers were terrible men that were abusive to the women in their lives, and if you saw the ‘The Color Purple’ you would see the connection. Ms. Walker, friends with feminist activist Gloria Steinem, also admitted to having an abortion in the early 60’s and said she developed depression and anxiety afterward. The rest of her bio on this film was one of a kind of worldly salvation of sorts of being a voice for black women, loving her daughter Rebecca, marrying a man she loved. But the truth is far from what she purported – she put herself first over mothering her daughter and being a wife to her husband. She divorced, became MIA without her daughter. Eventually [and I hate saying eventually, it lends itself to assumption] her daughter, at age 14, became pregnant and had an abortion – she was accompanied by her mother AND mother’s boyfriend for the abortion.

Just like my story, this one is full of holes and double standards that Alice declined to fill in. These mothers believe that their sin is expected to be taken on by their children, mainly their daughters, so that they can know a type of ‘worldly salvation’ that God does not recognize. But PRIDE does come before a great fall and these things will be answered for, but in the meantime post-abortive daughters are weighed down by the sins of the mother forever.

We see this all the time at the sidewalk. All the time. Every day. Most women that abort have been coerced by people they trust to murder their own unborn child. However, those ‘people they trust’ have their own agenda that does not include the unborn baby.

Divorced parents and post abortive mothers tend to create families that rely on divorce and abortion to solve a temporary problem. This happened to me, my parents divorced and my mother post-abortive. I trusted my mother’s decision that I had to abort, but she was hurting and smarting from being in a life she hated and made ‘choices’ for me based on her own inability to cope. I was forced to trust someone that did not have MY best interests at heart, but her own. That is agenda, not love.

Attorneys and abortionists are used to solve problems rather than a Holy God and patience. People want of fix everything with huge globs of duct tape thinking it’ll stick for a while but have no idea what to do when it won’t work anymore, if it ever really did.

Feminism and agenda has targeted generations of women into being childless through abortion and contraception. This is why we expose the abortion agenda to a an asleep-at-the-wheel world that does not pay attention to how or why they are being targeted. Even Justice Ginsburg said, “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of,” read the rest here.

“Pro-choicers claim anti-choicers ought not impose their morality on others, but I disagree. Frankly, I see nothing wrong with imposing morality when the objective is to enhance the lives of those victimized by people abusing their power. Did our 16th president err when he imposed his morality via the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing blacks from the yoke of slavery?” Read the rest here.

The sidewalk is the place where pre-abortive women and their coercers will hear the truth; we are the faithful witnesses on sidewalk you hate to see but wished you talked to. Ask me and I’ll tell you the truth that my own coercers would not: Abortion murders your unborn child and leaves you with depression, despair, addiction and anxiety that your coercers will not be there for.

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