At the abortion facility we witness at, the parking lot is within the abortuary’s property. When a mom pulls her car into the lot she is usually greeted with an armed guard to escort her into the facility where her baby will later die an abortion death. Yesterday was no different that any other day EXCEPT to prove who the guard protects. While waiting for a crying mom to get out of her car, the abortionist pulled in and waited while the guard RAN to ‘protect’ the abortionist so she could get out of her car. KEEPLIFELEGAL

I don’t know who you are that may be reading this; prochoice or prolife, but be very aware that the guard or ‘escort’ is there for the protection of the murderer ONLY.

Women that feel compelled to abort are ensured by the facility that their safety and anonymity is first…

Will my confidentiality be protected?
THEY SAID: “Yes. We are a private medical practice and your confidentiality is paramount to us. Access to your medical records is protected by federal and state laws and by our own internal policies. A copy of our privacy policy is included in the forms available on this website.” TRUTH: You are under constant surveillance and on camera; that includes who you are with, the car you drive and license number. 

Can patients or visitors use cell phones while at the Center?
: “Respect for patient confidentiality is something we work very hard to achieve. With the popularity of cell phones that take photographs and videos, we want to make sure your privacy protected. As a result, we ask that you leave your cell phone in your car. Additionally, we have found that cell phone usage in our waiting areas can be very distracting to others.” TRUTH: You will be told to leave all electronic devices in your car so that you cannot ‘phone a friend’ or record anything in the facility. Abortion facilities are very afraid of lawsuits and losing business…if a mom were to call someone, that someone may talk them out of their abortion, ABORTION IS A BUSINESS FIRST.

Can someone be with me during surgery and recovery?
: “All patients are encouraged to bring a support person, but it is not required unless you are having general anesthesia or heavy sedation. We understand the desire for friends or relatives to be with a woman during this process. Because these are surgical areas, restrictions for maintaining a sterile environment and for privacy needs of all our patients require that friends and relatives wait in our waiting areas.” TRUTH: Moms will be separated from their coercers/support person so that they cannot change the mind of the pre-abortive mom. ABORTION IS A BUSINESS FIRST.

Why are children not allowed in the Center?
: “Children can sometimes be a distraction. Our medical staff needs the full attention of our patients and their support person. Also, making the decision not to have a child and then seeing children, can be upsetting.” TRUTH: Seeing children WILL change the mind of the abortion-minded mom to CHOOSE LIFE because LIFE is right there! ABORTION IS A BUSINESS FIRST.

NOWHERE on this site was patient safety mentioned. That being said, I’m still not quite sure why their ARMED guard bothers with escorting the moms.

And interestingly, this site does not mention ANYWHERE that their license was revoked. Safety minded? I DON’T THINK SO.

Women’s Med Center – DEATH MED – does not protect women or promotes their safety while there. Remember: THE ARMED GUARD LEFT THE MOM AND RAN TO THE ABORTIONIST. RAN.

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