Being in prolife ministry we try to follow the money trail of what and who monetarily supports or votes for the gay agenda, abortion agenda or against our Constitutional freedoms. It’s no simple task but one that is worthy of your time.

If you knew your favorite restaurant, hotel, mall store or vacation spot supported these liberal agendas that are against your Christian or moral beliefs, would you spend your money with them?

A great resource of who follows the abortion money trail is Life Decisions, click here to find out a partial list of offenders.

ChevyGayWedding2014To follow who funds the gay agenda, quite honestly…it’s nearly everyone. Apple supports them, Microsoft supports them, DISNEY supports them, Chevrolet, Subaru, Kroger…the list goes on and on. Here is a partial list. I know how hard it is to find companies and corporations that do not succumb to worldly affiliations and agenda. To that we say to choose your fight wisely, boycott properly, be Godly and always do what gives Him Glory.

Then…what if this is going on under the radar? This takes real detective work OR dumb luck.

A locally known gay-affirming church affiliated with the United Church of Christ has partnered with WAFFLE HOUSE – two locations in our town – for a fundraiser. However, when you click here and here you’ll see that Waffle House is in the top 4 restaurants that DO NOT support the gay agenda.

“Wednesday, June 12th, is Waffle House day and evening from 2pm-9pm. Come anytime to the one across from the Greene and meet new friends and old friends. Just tell the waitress that you are there for Spirit Night and if we have enough the church will get a portion of all the receipts from everyone that is there from 2-9 (not just church people). Make sure the waitress gets the number of diners paid for on your bill.” [here – here]

Then the question is, DOES Waffle House know what kind of ‘church’ this is? At this particular ‘church’, the pastor is partnered to a man and together they parent two little boys. 

Personally, I can do two things regarding this example; I can go to the business in question and ask some hard questions and/or don’t eat at their restaurants anymore.

Of course this isn’t a real church…because if it were the pastor would be preaching the ENTIRE word of God rather than just bits of it. It is associated with the ‘Alliance of Baptists‘ who have essentially departed from the truth of the Gospel and have gone their own way.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Christians are turning to a social gospel rather than THE Gospel; if a Christian isn’t doing the ‘uncomfortable’, you’re doing it wrong. We are called to be separate from the lethargy of the world and the lie from the enemy.

This Waffle House debacle is certainly not unique but it should be. Do your due diligence and find out what’s going on in YOUR neighborhood, follow the money trail, listen to the elected officials. You’ll easily be able to take the agenda temperature so that you can be properly principled in your stewardship.

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