CHOICE…a great big word that empowers the super-intelligent to believe they can make a difference in their lives and the world at large by weeding out the herd – usually for everyone else. The only one that applauds your ‘choice’ to murder is the one that made the choice for you. Isn’t it a bit presumptuous to assume the responsibility to abort a child they – the coercers – will never care for or care to know?

Women do not choose abortion.

I am post-abortive, I know MANY post-abortive women and men; but most of the post-abortive population did not make the CHOICE to abort. That’s right…they DID NOT make the CHOICE to abort without any outside influence.

Who did?

You would know the answer to that question if you were on the front-lines of the abortion wars seeing with your own eyes, hearing with your own ears the stories and lies that are told on the sidewalk  of abortion facilities. Not one time have I ever heard any woman say that she wanted to have an abortion because SHE made the choice.

Who makes the ‘choice’?

When the boyfriend/husband/guy that got her pregnant tells her ‘It’s not the right time’ is really saying that she is not who he wants to be the mother his baby. Women get men wrong…if they say to abort it’s for them, not the ‘health’ of their relationship like they want women to think. I had to really get my head to understand that I was not good enough to the baby’s father to have his child. It’s a hard thing to know you’re only good enough for his sexual pleasure. Still, we see these ‘couples’ go to the first appointment hand in hand….not so much on the second appointment.

I met a man once that told a story of how he and his girlfriend were in college and decided to abort. Not so typically, they married…but were never able to have children. The abortion ruined their chance to have ‘wanted’ children.

A woman I am close to aborted her ‘wanted’ child because the father was married and wouldn’t leave his wife for her. The child became collateral damage; an unborn person who was used to get what she wanted had to die because the ruse didn’t work.

Grandparents…we see TONS of grandparents bringing their kids to the abortionist. A woman said recently that her mother ‘doesn’t want any more grandchildren’. I relate…my own mother told me that she was too young to be a grandmother. On another day, a woman brings in her cheerleader daughter for an abortion….how do I know she’s a cheerleader? The cool ‘proud to be’ stickers on the back of mom’s SUV told who and where her daughter goes to school. And by the way, mom brought a book to while-away the time spent waiting for her grandchild to be murdered.

KEEPLIFELEGALSocial workers…the file folder and/or clip board gives them away. These bullies get this stoic stony look with their shoulders squared for us. But these women will have to answer to an angry God about taking minors to get abortions because of sneaky judicial bypass laws. Being in foster care or in the system gives the government enough leverage to get these little girls to abort. One day, we literally saw a girl who just had an abortion skip out of the facility, PAST THE BIOHAZARD TRUCK THERE TO PICK UP THE DEAD BABIES, and do a cartwheel while her white social worker waited in her minivan. There are some things you can never ‘unsee’.

CRIME…abortion covers up rape and incest from the law and the family. A recent story said that an abortionist did not report an 11 year old girl getting an abortion and that her father is being indicted for the crimes. Other stories tell of older men bringing minor girls in for abortions to cover their crime of statutory rape without the parent’s knowledge. THAT is just the tip of the incest and statutory rape iceberg.

Abortion is the go-to to cover up for illegal, minor and forced sex workers – human trafficking:

“After viewing the Planned Parenthood video my first thoughts were of the victims I have served over the last eight years. Specifically the women and girls—their horrendous statements of rape, gang rapes, torture, branding, starvation, extortions, assault and their reports of repeated forced abortions and miscarriages due to the trauma they received. I have often wondered where these multiple abortions took place and how medical professionals had not seen the extensive trauma to their bodies, spirits and souls.”

The abortion INDUSTRY feeds on incest, rape, statutory rape, human trafficking, misinformation and angry families to fill their bank accounts. Their INDUSTRY leaves women without hope and empty of self respect. With abortion, women are without real help and real solutions to their very real unborn child.

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