I WAS a die-hard University of Michigan fan…basketball, hockey, football. Not anymore after I learned what they do under the radar. But now I have to wonder if all universities and colleges are doing the same thing: SUPPORTING & PROVIDING ABORTION.

A lot of what you’ll hear about the abortion ties to major universities isn’t advertised. Regardless of how these universities and colleges feel about so-called ‘reproductive freedom’, you won’t see advertisements for donations to train abortionists or embryo mutilators.

For instance, embryonic stem cell research is lauded and applauded at the University of Michigan. Also, an abortion facility in Toledo has a transfer agreement with UofM which is being reviewed as I write this. Local prayer warriors reported this:

The local leaders were horrified by a taxpayer-funded celebration of abortion called “4,000 Years of Choice” – an exhibit that was hosted by the public university in Ann Arbor. I also learned that three doctors who are associated with the university perform abortions at the Planned Parenthood facility.

So, at the exalted UofM, they have doctors that are local abortionists, dissect embryos for ‘research’, offer their facility to an Ohio abortionist to keep them IN business, and allow a rabid feminazi to show off her so-called 4000 Years of Choice exhibit.

Donors to most universities give so that abortionists and sciences that support abortion can learn and earn. Another case in point is in New Mexico:

“UNM’s dirty little secret is their free standing abortion clinic in Albuquerque, the UNM Center for Reproductive Health. Abortions are performed up to 22 weeks gestation and research with regard to abortion, contraception and sterilization is conducted. For these reasons this “prestigious” institution falls short in its lifesaving efforts, because not all lives are being saved. In fact, 911 emergency records recently revealed that three women have been seriously injured as the result of abortion complications at the UNMCRH.” Read the rest here.

TO WIT: Medical Student for CHOICE. And in Michigan alone, there are four participating schools; click here to see all schools and this:  “MSFC’s Training to Competence program provides residents with financial and logistical support for receiving clinical abortion training outside of their program’s standard curriculum.”

Point made?

Then the moral of the story is this: When you support a university or college in any way [team shirts, game tickets, donations] you might be [most likely] supporting abortion. Do your due diligence, find out before you give.

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