SPOILER ALERT: 95% of all IVF embryos are discarded, perish in the Petri dish or die in the womb. Now, consider how many Pastors/Churches/Denominations are okay with playing God with abortion and IVF. Read on.

I read books by Evangelical Pastors intermittently throughout my regular Bible reading and keeping up with current events. I don’t always agree with their ‘personal’ theology but when it steps on the toes of God and unborn children, I put on the brakes.

I purchased a book called the Audacity of Prayer. It’s filled with real testimonies of Christians with real medical issues and emergencies and how prayer brought them the miracle they needed. I love the encouragement that testimonies give us. However, there are Christians who truly believe that what happened to them was from God….but that’s not always so.

I was about two thirds through the book when a Chapter dedicated to a childless couple seeking to have children said they received their miracle children…through artificial means. In this particular instance, it was artificial insemination. Considering these people are dedicated Evangelical Christians and believed this to be of God was mind-blowing to me…especially because a Pastor that wrote this book didn’t seem to think this was not only wrong, but playing God and being God.

It’s one thing to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling“, but it’s quite another to act as God and/or nod in approval as Pastor.

NO WHERE in the Bible does it say that it’s okay to allow a third party to assist in child making. In other words, IVF and artificial insemination.

However, the Bible does touch on adoption: “And the child grew, and she brought him to Pharaoh’s daughter, and he became her son. So she called his name Moses, saying, ‘Because I drew him out of the water’,” [Exodus 2:10].

There is biblical precedent for adoption. Adoption would have been the Godly thing to do. There are so many children these people could have blessed with a loving forever home rather than build themselves up using artificial means. That is not biblical or prolife.

God is not pleased with ANYONE acting on His behalf, particularly with those created in His Image. God is not pleased with ANYONE murdering his creation with abortion or creating their own ‘creation’. HE is GOD, we are not.

The Pastor that wrote this book needs to realize that he put his stamp of approval on artificial creation. I sincerely hope he sees his wrong. To summarize: This Pastor is NOT prolife.

7 thoughts on “BOOK REPORT: Not All Pastors are #Prolife – Neither is IVF.

  1. You’ve made an excellent point. That is one of the principle problems with our society today, millions of people behave as though they are a god. Evolutionists, abortionists, secularists, feminists, movie stars, humanists, rock stars, atheists, some doctors, lawyers and now “Christian” parents. The removal of prayer from America’s public schools, 50 years ago, has denied millions, the common moral compass we successfully shared for the 200 years prior. Without that common bond we are drowning in irrational secularism, even some pastors.

  2. Wait a moment. I feel you may not have presented quite enough argument for your case. I understand there is nothing in the Word permitting artificial insemination. Quite frankly, I am not comfortable at all with the idea even though I have very personal reasons to be in support of it. But I believe there should be a stronger Biblical case against a practice before you accuse those who practice it of being in support of murder. What I mean is that there is a very thin line between calling a pastor “not pro life” and calling him pro choice. I don’t see how condoning artificial insemination categorizes a pastor as “not pro life.”
    Abortion is murder, and it is just to be furious with those who commit murder. But let us keep our reason intact in our fight against it. Let’s not vehemently condemn someone when we may not have to. We have enough enemies as it is.
    In my mind, “not pro life” is a very serious charge. Be careful before you fire it off.
    By the way, I am grateful that you are speaking out against abortion. I am heart and soul behind that.

  3. Reblogged this on Speaking 4 Life and commented:
    Well said thoughts on using artificial reproductive technologies, which include artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization.

  4. So sorry it took so long to respond. The answer is in the body of the post, artificial creation [using a third party] is not of God and the Pastor should have told this couple that they chased what is not of God and tried to make it look like a miracle. The truth is that IVF and artificial insemination is not a miracle but bad science.

  5. theREV,
    I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I don’t disagree that artificial insemination is artificial. I believe that there is a great risk to the child conceived as I believe many of these babies do not implant successfully and hence die before birth. I would not seek to have a child by this means. I do believe some caution should be exercised, however, before brandishing such heavy criticism on a biblicaly non-explicit issue.
    I do not condone the practice of artificial insemination. I suppose that my discomfort with your post spawned (no pun intended) from such a heavy accusation (“not pro life”) with the only biblical argument being that the Bible doesn’t say anything about artificial insemination. There are a lot of things the Bible doesn’t specifically address. Do you believe that anything the Bible doesn’t specifically condone is a sin? The Bible doesn’t say anything about celebrating Christmas, does it? Is celebrating Christmas a sin?
    The risk artificial insemination poses for the conceived child is enough for me to avoid it, but lets have more thorough biblical backing before we accuse someone of not being pro life.
    In the end, we are both opposed to artificial insemination. You seem stronger in your opinion and quicker to condemn the practice, perhaps. I hope you understand my misgivings with your post. Thanks again for the response! I believe we are on the same side, just a difference in practice.
    Keep up the fight for life!

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