How we are indeed offended! Of everything! People hold higher regard for animals than for humans, born or unborn. They are offended by the mere mention of unborn babies dying EVERY DAY from abortion but pick up stray diseased animals off the street….you know, rescue them. And then we sing the praises of people that use the government to get your money to fund the abortion agenda!

OFFENDED yet? Well, did you know that tax payers are the largest DONORS to Planned Parenthood? That’s right…you and me. We pay to kill unborn babies regardless if our morality, conscience or if our religious freedom has been dumped on. I wonder if there’s a mandate for that…

KEEPLIFELEGALI jumped into the fray of a comment strand that was toward a man that euthanized an animal incorrectly and was caught on smart phone video. Now, while that is bad and as children of God we are called to be great stewards of His creation, this is still an animal that is being held in higher regard than all of the unborn babies that died a heinous death the exact same day.

Also in the news recently, “Aborted human fetuses are being shipped from British Columbia to the United States, where they are incinerated to provide electricity for Oregon residents“. Read the story here.

What’s interesting is that no one seems to be a bit offended that aborted baby remains are incinerated, only that they were used for fuel. Every week we see the ‘death truck’ come to get red biohazard tubs filled with dead children and no one is offended??  KEEPLIFELEGAL

IF YOU ARE OFFENDED THEN SHOW UP ON THE SIDEWALK. Until then, this is only a news story that you will forget by dinner time..


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