I don’t often write about post-abortive fathers, but I know the excuses and rhetoric that led them to the abortionist. They walked their pregnant girlfriend into the executioner’s office, hand in hand, with the promise of ‘being there’ for her knowing they won’t. Fatherhood just isn’t in the cards for him, at least not now OR because she just isn’t the one good enough to be the mother of his child.

I wish I could emphasize this enough: Any ‘man’ that brings a woman to an abortion facility is NOT a man, he will not be there to comfort her, and more often than not he will break off their relationship soon after the abortion.

And what about the dads that never knew about their own child? Why are we allowing one person to make a death decision for his own innocent child? After all, even a murderer gets 12 jurors and a judge, and even then they may not get sentenced to DEATH.

Happy Father’s Day….after all, if it weren’t for your dad, you wouldn’t be here.

Defend the poor and fatherless;
Do justice to the afflicted and needy. [Psalm 82:3]

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