Lots of recent legislation in MANY states will shut down MANY abortion facilities, but not all of them….by design. In Texas, Ohio and Louisiana laws that are essentially the same across the board were designed to protect the lives of the unborn AND the women who choose to kill their child. This year in a Cleveland facility, a woman died from the procedure. Was anything done about it? Well, Preterm is still open so I’d say NO. Read all of the documentation of this and others here.KEEPLIFELEGAL

Laws have been put into place by legislators to protect. These have been tested for their constitutionality so that they can survive past committee.

For instance, Martin Haskell in Ohio has been told that since he cannot meet the new requirements, he has to shut down. Period. He claims he has a constitutional right as an abortionist to stay open…but the truth is he has a lucrative business that he is not willing to give up on. The blood money he makes from killing unborn children keeps him in luxury homes and vehicles. This also holds true to the owner of Capital Care Network of Toledo who cannot meet the new law requirements; currently she has been given a ‘stay’ so she can ‘do business’.

But the question remains, are these laws constitutional? Yes…because undue burden cannot be proven and it would not leave Ohio abortion facility free. The same is true for Texas and Louisiana. A new lawsuit in Louisiana claims the new laws will shut down all facilities. Absolutely not true; at least 2 will be able to survive the new laws and in Texas, 6 or 7 can meet the requirements.

Then, what will shut down these killing facilities? Reversal of Roe, taking it back to the states as it should have been…or was, before 1973.

The argument of illegal abortion will thrive is pitiful at best because illegal abortions are still happening with abortion being legal in all states. Kermit Gosnell proved this, as well as buying the ‘abortion pill’ off the internet. This urban legend of abortion going back to the back alleys is probably the best bullying tactic that the Left and Planned Parenthood have.  Over and over again, sin that has been made law to gain tax revenue has been shown to be a crime magnet and does not curb abortion [or gambling, alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness, theft, gangs, prostitution, etc.].

To summarize, what makes these laws constitutional in Texas, Louisiana and Ohio [& others] is that not all facilities will close as a result of it….that means rather than abortionists and pro-aborts understanding that the new laws ARE constitutional, they see it as a means to shut down a very profitable BUSINESS. The ‘reproductive rights’ of women were never tread upon, but shown that places OTHER than abortion facilities or abortion related businesses can supply their particular need [contraceptives, exams, etc].

The attorney for Haskell really believed she had covered what was constitutional, the truth is she was trying to keep a BUSINESS open for a person who makes a living murdering the unborn. THUSLY the law did not skirt the constitutional ‘right’ to abortion in any of these states, it simply protects women who can die or be injured from the abortion procedure AND protect viable life outside of the womb.

Will the new laws close abortion facilities? YES. All of them? NO. Recent Mississippi law couldn’t shut down the last facility because the federal court cannot take this constitutional right to abortion totally away from any state, unless a case can be brought to the SCOTUS….EVEN THOUGH the Mississippi abortion facility in Jackson cannot and will not meet the state requirements. What will happen in a state with one lone facility? The federal court essentially said that the safety of women does not supersede the RIGHT to murder unborn infants within the womb.

The federal court is not our friend if lives will be sacrificed to keep a bad law.

My dear friends, continue to pray to end abortion, show up to vote, show up at the sidewalk of abortion facilities and the hospitals that perform them. Without prayer, church support and community support, we cannot defeat this Goliath.

I challenge you to find five smooth stones [prayer, fasting, love, boldness, steadfastness] and face this Goliath called abortion.


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