Cookies? This is what you’re really buying: Teaching girls about ‘down there’, masturbation, sex ed, graphic drawings of sex related activities, how to fund Planned Parenthood, lesbianism, and abortion.

GSPPlinkSee all of this here.

Yes, Girl Scout cookies can now be purchased online…and some of the money goes straight to Planned Parenthood. GS says, “All the net revenue from cookie sales stay with the Scout council that sponsors the sale. Girls decide how to spend their troop cookie money and reinvest it in their communities” [read there here] but the truth is:

If GSUSA itself has never partnered with Planned Parenthood, why did they allow their logo to be printed on Planned Parenthood’s brochure advertising a controversial event “Nobody’s Fool: Dating, Love, Sex, and HIV?” Read the rest here.

Click here to see where Girl Scouts browsing on the Real Life Real Talk website can link to Sex, Etc. A Website By Teens for Teenswhere among other things:

  • Girls are told here that it can be a selfish choice not to have an abortion.
  • Girls can receive instructions on how to obtain sexual pleasure using various body parts.
  • Girls can receive graphic and detailed answers to questions like “How do girls who have sex with girls have sex?” and “How do guys who have sex with guys have sex?”

Go to to find out more.

Denying the GS link back to Planned Parenthood is dangerous to our girls and young women. They are being taught about sex from the LARGEST PURVEYOR OF ABORTION. Planned Parenthood knows that if girls are sexually active, they will become an abortion customer.


Need more proof of the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood marriage? Watch this:

12 thoughts on “#BOYCOTT: Girl Scouts Are Partnered with Planned Parenthood, Goes Online for “Cookie Sales”

  1. So this is still going on. Thanks for letting me know. I bought two boxes last Sunday. I’ll know better next weekend.

    I’ll buy ten.

  2. My evil agenda is soothed more by ice cream or mac and cheese. My desire to rely on facts (gasp) and research (double gasp) instead of the hysteria shown here, on the other hand, is loving Thin Mints and ice cold milk. I realize this is an anti-choice soapbox but the depths of “research” are pathetic.

  3. Pretending that real information exists that blows up prochoice/proabort agenda is abysmal and irresponsible. Swallow that when you nibble on the profits of aborted unborn girls and boys with your Thin Mints.

  4. My church group bought 50 boxes , Catherine. (Great name btw). Delete this like the gutless misogynist you are POS Katherine. But I got something for you to choke on right here.

  5. Someone who opposes abortion should be more supportive of lesbianism, and LGBT’s in general.

  6. Rev Katherine – this is *such* a disheartening alliance. We are praying for wholesome mentors and role models for young girls in the USA. Thank you for your article.

  7. Reblogged this on KEEPLIFELEGAL and commented:

    Originally written December 1, 2014 | Yes, you should tell the girls and parents selling ‘cookies’ exactly where the money goes.

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