Today we received the 911 call files from Martin Haskell’s Women’s Med in Kettering, Ohio. These calls indicated there may have been TWO botched abortions performed that day [12/11/14].

The first 911 call at 12:16pm said the 23 year old patient was bleeding from her vagina. The caller also indicated that the patient was conscious. Listen to that call here.

The second 911 call at 3:10pm said the 29 year old patient was complaining of abdominal pain. The 911 dispatch did not ask if the patient was conscious. Listen to that call here.

We can only speculate the severity of these injuries. The bleeding and pain were serious enough to call for an ambulance both times, and both of these calls were made by the same worker at Women’s Med in Kettering. Roslyn Kade was the abortionist on duty.

At this time, we are not aware if the physicians that the Ohio Department of Health allowed Martin Haskell and Roslyn Kade to use as a ‘variance’ were there to meet these injured women. As you read below from the original post, Wright State Physicians are listed in the variance.

Considering the events of December 11, one has to wonder how much longer Haskell’s murder mill is allowed to have a variance. It is easy to see that having TWO ambulances called in one day is proof enough that this mill needs to shut down.



BREAKING NEWS [12/12/14]: At Martin Haskell’s abortion facility, Women’s Med, there were TWO 911 calls for TWO separate ambulances for TWO different women undergoing abortion procedures during one of the facility’s late term days.

Locally, two women with botched abortions were transported to a local hospital where Martin Haskell has a variance rather than an actual transfer agreement. His variance is through Wright State Physicians, see that here.

These incidents were witnessed by brave and stalwart local sidewalk ministers/counselors. We are working on obtaining the 911 call recordings.

“Say again how abortion is safe, legal and rare? Botched abortion is not as rare as you would think…but twice in ONE DAY?” ~ Rev. Katherine Marple of KeepLifeLegal.

Roslyn Kade was the abortionist on duty and it was also noted that the usual anesthesiologist for the late-term days was not at Haskell’s on the day of the incidents. It is not clear if there was a back up anesthesiologist although it has also been noted that a woman may have filled in that day.

We will update this story as it progresses.

Thanks to my fellow sidewalk minister Holly Kistler for her photos below [copyright protected].



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